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Chemistry The Key At Clemson

Chemistry The Key At Clemson

Aug. 14, 2000

CLEMSON, S.C. — Chemistry will be the most important subject for the Lady Tigers this year.

With seven returning letterwinnners and six newcomers, the development of team chemistry will be the first order of business for the Lady Tigers.

“The development of the team’s chemistry will be very important to the success of this year’s team. We want to get back to playing up-tempo offense and 94-feet ‘in your face defense’. This is the brand of basketball we have been known for playing. In order for us to play this style, we must develop depth. We have enjoyed depth in previous years and this has been a tremendous advantage for us. We want everybody to contribute. In our system, we can’t play seven or eight players, we expect every player to make significant, positive contributions.

“For the first time in thirteen years at Clemson, our opponents outrebounded us last season, and that is totally unacceptable. We have to become more dominant on the boards. Our young people will have to grow up in a hurry. I think all or our newcomers will make an immediate impact. This could be the best recruiting class we have had since I have been at Clemson.

“We will be a little undersized this season, so it is important that we will be fundamentally sound on the inside, have good technique and play bigger than we are. We are going to press more than we did last year. I think the personality of this team will be that of speed, quickness, intensity, and hopefully a toughness that we didn’t display last year.

REBOUNDING — “Erin Batth will be the key to our rebounding. With Erin’s leadership on the boards, we are going to have to get it done by committee. Everyone on our team will have to make sure they are involved in the rebounding. On the offensive boards, we are going to have to get some second chance points from the forwards and the shooting guards. An aggressive mindset will be a key on the offensive boards.”

FREE THROW SHOOTING — If you recruit goods shooters, you are going to have a good free shooting team. We dropped off last year, and this area of the game has been a signature of our program through out the years. We expect to lead the league in free throw percentage. I think this team is capable of that and they will take pride in being good free throw shooters.”

THREE-POINT SHOOTING — “There will be a marked improvement in our three-point shooting this season. Chrissy Floyd, Krystal Scott and Nuria Forns are all capable of being three-point threats. Nuria has been a good three-point shooter during her career. Marci Glenny will certainly be a threat from beyond the arc. Julie Aderhold and Lakeia Stokes are two freshmen who are accurate from the three-point line. Erin Batth also has the green light to shoot the three. We probably have the most three-point shooters on a single team in Clemson history.”

DEFENSE — “Last year, we hung our hat on defensive play. Defensively, Erin Batth leads us and I think that Erin Batth is the best post defender in America. Our speed and quickness should really be an asset in our defending. We must be good in transition to be one of the best teams in the country. We have to limit second chance points. We have to play every tick on the clock at a high level of intensity. Team work is so very important in playing defense.”

OFFENSE — “We are going to rely more on three-point shooting this season. I expect Erin Batth to really have a good year on the offensive end of the floor. Floyd was our leading scorer last season as a freshman. She gave us a go-to player last season and she hit several big shots for us last season. Krystal Scott will be another go to player in the clutch. I think our outside shooting will be much improved. We will be a better fast-break team. We will be looking to run more. I think the best quality of last year’s team is that we didn’t beat ourselves. We led the league in turnover margin, I think that our ball handing ability will be better this season.”

BACKCOURT Clemson features two returning starters in the backcourt as Chrissy Floyd (freshman) were starters for the Lady Tigers last season. Krystal Scott averaged 9.0 ppg. and led the team in assists with 106. Chrissy Floyd had a sensational freshman season as she was second-team All-ACC and led the squad with a 12.3 ppg. and 55 steals. She was 162-352 from the field for a .460 pct. She was third on the team in assists with 43.

Courtney Wittstruck are upper classmen who saw action at the guard positions last season.

Gaines played in 22 games and averaged 10.0 minutes per game. She finished the season with a 2.5 ppg. average. Wittstruck played in 16 games last season in her first season with the Lady Tigers.

“Krystal Scott is our returning point guard. This season, she will see action at both guard positions depending on how quickly the other guards mature. Krystal had a very good sophomore year and her upper body strength along with her ability to go inside and post up allows her to score with her back to the basket. She was our most improved player last year and we have high expectations for her this season.

“Chrissy Floyd is coming off a banner year. Chrissy provided us with an offensive spark almost every game. Her explosiveness enables her to be effective off the dribble, and her hard work has resulted in a more consistent three point shot. With her physical growth, I believe Chrissy will be one of the premier players in the ACC.

Andrea returns for her senior campaign, and I have high hopes that the experience she gained her first three years will allow her to emerge as a leader at the two guard spot. She is suited to the uptempo offense that we expect to play this season.”

“Courtney Wittstruck came in some pressure situations and played well. She overcomes her size with great determination and desire and toughness. She truly fights like a Tiger and inspires her teammates with her intensity.

“Marci Glenny is the most versatile player we have had at Clemson since Courtney Johnson (1988-92). She can play every position. She will get an early look at the guard spot along with Andrea Gaines.

Clemson added two newcomers to the squad as Kanetra Queen and Lakeia Stokes are both freshmen.

“We are very pleased with Kanetra Queen’s potential. She is out of the same mold as Itoro Umoh. She has the speed and quickness and she is a very good decision-maker. She distributes the ball very well, and I think she will emerge as a leader on this team very early in her career. Her personality indicates that she can lead effectively.

“Lakeia Stokes has great size for a two guard. She is a very well-rounded player. She handles the ball extremely well. She is a very good passer. Lakeia shoots well off the dribble and beyond the three-point line. She is a great athlete and her athleticism, size, and reach will make her a very good defender.”

“This is a talented group of guards. I think we are very athletic and very deep at both guard positions. I would not be afraid to use any of them at any time in a game.”

FRONT COURT Starters Erin Batth return for their senior seasons. Erin Batth was named to the All-ACC Defensive team last season and according to Head Coach Jim Davis is one of the best if not the best post defender in the country. Batth led the team in rebounding last season with a 7.4 rpg. mark. She was also the team’s second leading scorer with a 9.3 ppg. average. She was also third on the squad with steals. She finished the season with a team-high 91 offensive rebounds.

“When you look at her offensive numbers, You have no indications of her value to our team. If you were to ask any of our opponents over the last two years, I believe they would list Erin as a big problem in trying to score against us. Offensively, her size and speed result in many layups and her quick feet and jumping ability enable her to gain position for many offensive rebounds. Erin is a leader in blocked shots each year in the ACC, and she has great three-point shooting range.

Nuria Forns returns after starting 30 games last season for the Lady Tigers. Forns averaged 7.2 ppg. and was the Lady Tigers’ fifth leading scorer. She also had 59 assists and 37 steals last season.

“Nuria Forns returns for her senior season. The left hander has a very good shooting touch. She has been one of our leading three-point shooters through her career. At 6-1, she has the size to shoot over many of her defenders. Her improved ability to shoot off the dribble makes her a tougher matchup. We expect a really good senior season from Nuria.”

Jamine Moton returns after playing 16 games he sophomore season. She averaged 3.6 minutes per game as a reserve in her first year on the Lady Tiger squad.

“Jamine is not as tall as most post players, but plays much bigger because of her upper body strength and power in her legs. After a couple of year’s layoff, Jamine picked up the basketball last year and made great strides. She will be counted on at both the center and power forward positions.”

Heather Crowe played in 12 games after an injury-plagued season. She averaged 4.6 minutes per game and proved to be an outstanding shooter.

“Heather Crowe will be counted on to provide quality play at the small forward position. Heather is the best “pure shooter” on our team. She will spread defenses and is capable of having a big night on the offensive end. Her ball handling skills have improved, and she will adjust to the physical play in the ACC.”

Marci Glenny sat out last season after transferring from Connecticut. The junior averaged 3.0 ppg. She also appeared in 62 games and had 78 assists during her two seasons at Connecticut.

“Glenny will get a early look at the power forward position, but is also capable of playing any of the three perimeter positions as well. She plays the game with an all-out effort. Marci, although highly skilled, will emerge as a leader on our team because of the maximum effort she gives in practice and games. Glenny is solid in every aspect of the game.”

Julie Aderhold, Liz Holbrook and Maggie Slosser are the freshmen joining the Lady Tigers in the post position. Julie comes to Clemson after a stellar career at McMinn Central High School where she was chosen AA Miss Basketball in the state of Tennessee. Julie is very capable of being a “do it all type player.” She can handle the ball, and is a very consistent player with range. She is a very good passer and a solid defender and will pull down the rebound in traffic.

“At 6-2, Liz is strong enough to play the power forward position, yet skilled and athletic enough to play the small forward. She loves to rebound, which is a definite need, and her athleticism and aggressiveness may earn her lots of playing time early. She can score from 16-18 foot in and runs the floor extremely well.

“Maggie had a great career at Poland High School. The left hander is the prototype Clemson power forward. The left hander runs well, scores with her back to the basket and has a nice touch from 15-18 feet. The quality that I like best is her toughness. The more physical the play-the better Maggie likes it. We need that kind of toughness at the forward position.

“Although we are young and Erin and Nuria are our only seniors in the post, it is important we grow up in a hurry. I believe our post players are athletic and talented. Our success in the front court depends on how quickly they adapt to the physical play in the ACC.”