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Beyond the Game – Sam Staab

Beyond the Game – Sam Staab

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Q. Where are you from?A. I’m from San Diego, Calif., and I went to Scripps Ranch High School.

Q. What compelled you to travel so far to go to college?A. The reason I came to Clemson is because I wanted to do something different, and my parents encouraged me to do so. I would consider myself to be pretty adaptable, so I liked making the change. The two places are definitely different, but not in a dramatic way. Overall, it’s really fun in Clemson.

Q. What do you love most about the Clemson area?A. I love the family atmosphere of Clemson. I really like how the people here rally around the Tigers and are so family-oriented.

Q. What are the occupations of your immediate family members?A. My mom holds an administrative position at San Diego State University, my dad owns his own business and my brother is a full-time college student who is currently in his sophomore year at Ohio University.

Q. How did you first become involved with soccer?A. My parents got me involved with soccer at a young age, and it’s something that I stuck with because I really enjoyed it.

Q. What has been your favorite Clemson soccer memory?A. When I was a freshman, we beat Notre Dame in overtime. That was my first-ever ACC game, and I experienced such a whirlwind of emotions throughout that game that I’ll never forget. I was so nervous before the game, but it was so much fun to win and be a part of it all. So that’s the most lasting impression.

Q. What lasting impact do you hope to make through your Clemson playing career?A. I would love to make a great impression on everyone associated with the team and leave a lasting legacy for the program. I also definitely want to be a great role model for the young players.

Q. What is your major?A. I’m an accounting major. I chose to major in accounting because I like the lifestyle that an accounting job offers. I was thinking about my long-term goals when I got into accounting.

Q. What is your favorite course at Clemson?A. Intermediate financial accounting with Terry Knause is my favorite class so far. Mr. Knause became my mentor after I took that class, and he’s been a really good asset for my future.

Q. What is your favorite aspect of being a student-athlete?A. I like to be busy, and being a student-athlete keeps me really busy. It also serves as a valuable tool for life because it teaches time management and leadership skills.

Q. What did you enjoy about your club soccer experience?A. The team that I was on worked so well together because we were all basically sisters. It was really nice for me to get accolades from that experience, but that was definitely the result of a total team effort.

Q. How did running track in high school impact your performance on the soccer field?A. I ran the 400m dash and the mile run, and that helped keep me in shape for soccer. It was really fun to compete on the track.

Q. What famous athlete inspires you the most?A. I grew up idolizing every single New York Yankee because my dad is from New York, and Derek Jeter has always been my biggest role model. He has always been such a humble servant of the game and such a great role model because he does everything the right way and is an all-around great athlete and person.

Q. What are your hobbies?A. I like to be outside. I consider myself to be very outdoorsy. I like to hike, play with my dogs and hang out with my friends.

Q. What is something about yourself that most people might not know?A. I’m part Hawaiian by way of my grandmother. My middle name is Ke’ala.

Q. What are your aspirations for the future?A. I’m not yet sure if I want to play soccer after college. My mentor, Mr. Knause, has inspired me to one day pursue a job in the accounting world, so I may go that route out of college.