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Beyond the Game – Abby Jones

Beyond the Game – Abby Jones

Note: The following appears in the August issue of Orange: The Experience. For full access to all of the publication’s content, join IPTAY today by calling 864-656-2115.

Q. Prior to Clemson, did you play any other sports besides soccer?A. I played golf and basketball competitively, but I really loved to play any sport.

Q. What is your major?A. Health science.

Q. What made you choose your major?A. I knew I wanted to do something in the health field and I loved anatomy, so that factored into my decision to attend physical therapy school.

Q. What is your favorite class?A. I loved exercise physiology and anatomy. We learned about the different types of exercising and their different effects on the body. Mike Godfrey taught exercise physiology. He is passionate about his subject and does a great job teaching it. Dr. Cummings made anatomy fun to learn and always kept things light and interesting so we could understand the material and get the most out of the class.

Q. What is your favorite thing about Clemson?A. The people. I can truthfully say that without the people that I have met at Clemson, my experience would have never been the same. The people I have met have motivated me, supported me, challenged me and invested time in me. All of them have made my experience beyond what I could have ever imagined and represent what it means to be a part of the Clemson family.

Q. What are your career plans after Clemson?A. I plan on going to physical therapy school.

Q. What community service programs are you involved with?A. I am president of SAAC and I helped start the Palmetto Series Food Drive last year. I was asked to be on SAAC in my freshman year and it was something that helped me develop leadership and instill confidence in myself. SAAC was a way I could stay involved. I have Kyra Lobbins to thank for that because she has believed in me since I first set foot in a SAAC meeting, and it goes a long way knowing that someone believes in you and sees something in you that you might not see at that time.

Q. Based on your own experiences, what advice do you have for fellow student-athletes?A. Off the field, I would say to work just as hard as you do on the field. A person’s attitude and work ethic has a lot to do with determining their success. Life goes on after you have to hang up the cleats. If you choose to not put in hard work off the field, you may be very disappointed when you leave the field for good.

Q. What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?A. Hunting and going to the lake. I also enjoy wakeboarding, skiing and eating.

Q. What are your favorite restaurants?A. Outback Steakhouse, CiCi’s, Chipotle and The Smokin Pig.

Q. What are your favorite television shows?A. Some of the shows I watch are Army Wives and Fixer Upper (Chip and Jojo are two of my favorite characters). I also enjoy SportsCenter, Parks & Recreation and Friends.

Q. What is your favorite kind of music?A. I love country music. I also love Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I saw Katy Perry in concert going into my sophomore year and it was a life-changing experience. She was so good live.

Q. What are your favorite sports teams?A. Besides Clemson, I love the Green Bay Packers (mainly because I love Aaron Rodgers). I love the Carolina Panthers (because of Luke Kuechly and Cam Newton, of course). My dad raised me as a huge football fan, so anything related to football can hold my interest. I like the Golden State Warriors (Klay Thompson and Steph Curry have my heart) and I’m an Atlanta Braves fan as well.

Q. What do your parents do for a living?A. My dad is an insurance agent for Farmers Insurance and my mom is a retired teacher.

Q. Do you have any siblings?A. I have one sister, Anna. I also count our dog, Jake Ezekiel Jones.

Q. What do your siblings do?A. My sister went to Auburn and then she attended occupational therapy school at UAB and now is an occupational therapist at a rehab hospital in Birmingham.