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2009 All-ACC Academic Men’s Soccer Team and Scholar-Athlete of the Year Announced

2009 All-ACC Academic Men’s Soccer Team and Scholar-Athlete of the Year Announced

Feb. 24, 2010

GREENSBORO, N.C. ­ Five Clemson Men’s Soccer Players were named to the 2009 All-ACC Academic Men’s Soccer Team as announced today by Commissioner John Swofford.

The five Clemson players that were honored include: Greg Eckhardt, Mike Mattson, David Newton, Nathan Thornton.

Mattson is in graduate school in the professional program of accounting. Newton is in graduate school in civil engineering after he graduated from Clemson. Thornton is a civil engineering major, while Eckhardt is a management major. Austin Savage, a 2009 freshman, has not declared a major.

To be eligible for consideration for the All-ACC Academic team, a student-athlete must have earned a 3.0 grade point average for the previous semester and maintained a 3.0 cumulative average during his academic career.

Since the Academic All-ACC team was first chosen in 2005, Clemson has had at least four players chosen each season.

2009 All-ACC Academic Men’s Soccer Team

Name Class School Major
Greg Eckhardt Sr. Clemson Management
Mike Mattson Gr. Clemson Professional Program of Accounting (PPA)
David Newton Gr. Clemson Civil Engineering
Austin Savage Fr. Clemson Undeclared
Nathan Thornton Sr. Clemson Civil Engineering
James Belshaw Fr. Duke Undeclared
Josh Bienenfeld Sr. Duke Psychology
Ryan Finley Fr. Duke Undeclared
Ryan McDaniel Sr. Duke Psychology
Nick Sih Jr. Duke International Comparative Studies
Matt Thomas Sr. Duke Sociology
Chris Tweed-Kent So. Duke Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Wenger Fr. Duke Undeclared
Jason Herrick Jr. Maryland Accounting
Taylor Kemp Fr. Maryland Kinesiological Science
Kevin Tangney Sr. Maryland General Business
Casey Townsend So. Maryland Undeclared
Kirk Urso So. North Carolina Economics
Kris Byrd So. NC State Business
Chris Widman Gr. NC State Economics
Chris Zuerner Jr. NC State Business
Hunter Jumper So. Virginia Psychology
Emmanuel Akogyeram So. Virginia Tech University Studies
Alexander Baden Sr. Virginia Tech Accounting and Information Systems
Craig Burnell Jr. Virginia Tech Environmental Science
Charlie Campbell Jr. Virginia Tech Finance
James Gilson Sr. Virginia Tech Finance
Justin Lichtfuss Sr. Wake Forest Business
Ike Opara Jr. Wake Forest Communication
Zack Schilawski Sr. Wake Forest Biology