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2004 Senior Q&A

June 9, 2004

Katrina Cobb Architecture Lima, OH Marianne Grant Food Science and Nutrition Blythewood, SC Corey Gledhill Childhood Education Roswell, GA
Sally Kukla Nursing Florence, SC Lizzie Noll Graphics Communications Birmingham, AL Carrie Sinnot Packaging Science Lexington, SC
Ann Sullivan Economics Seneca, SC

What is the last concert you attended? Cobb – MTV campus invasion Grant – 3rd day in Greenville Sully – Dave Matthews Band Corey – 3rd Day Sally – 3rd Day Lizzie – Brooks & Dunn Carrie – Alabama

What instrument would you like to learn to play? Cobb – Guitar Grant – violin Sully – Drums Corey – Guitar Sally – Guitar – have had one for 3 years and have yet to learn. A harmonica would be fun too! Lizzie – Guitar Carrie – Piano or violin…already play some trumpet

What is your favorite snack? Cobb – PB and J Grant – graham crackers with milk Sully – Veggie tray Corey – Pretzels with cool whip Sally – Microwaved marshmellows Lizzie – Chips and salsa Carrie – Breyer’s all natural vanilla ice cream

Waffles or pancakes? Cobb – Waffles Grant – Pancakes Sully – Pancakes Corey – Pancakes Sally – Pancakes (that’s all I ate Junior year!) Lizzie – waffles Carrie – French toast

What do you plan to do once you graduate? Cobb – An internship at an architecture firm Grant – Internship in Augusta, GA Sully – Law School (hopefully) Corey – Graduate school Sally – Getting married, be a nurse, coach, bike across the country on a tandem bike with Ian! Lizzie – Figure my life out! Carrie – Doesn’t everybody hope to get a job someday?

If you could participate in any other sport, which would you choose and why? Cobb – Soccer, I played for 13 years and love the game. Grant – Softball or ballet (It’s a sport!) Sully – golf – it’s relaxing and I love to play. Corey – Tennis, I played in middle school and high school. Sally – Ultimate Frisbee. I love the teamwork involved. I also might just run since I love it. Oh, or Modern dance. Lizzie – Swimming, cause I already know how. Volleyball, cause it has always looked like a lot of fun. Carrie – Basketball-I love it.

If you won one million dollars, what is the first thing you would do? Cobb – Take my family on a European vacation Grant – Buy some clothes Sully – Buy a jet ski and build a lake house to park it on the dock. Corey – Give it to all of my relatives Sally – Scream. Call my mom and get ice cream! Lizzie – Travel (until my money ran out) Carrie – Invest at least $500,000

What was your favorite class at Clemson University? Favorite Professor? Cobb – Art 205 drawing class and Lee Morrissey for English Grant – History of the Civil War and Dr. Anderson Sully – Never really had one. Corey – P. E. for the young child ?, Dr. Switzer Sally – Drama class. Dr Howe….she is a very inspiring woman and extremely dedicated and passionate about her career in nursing and does everything to her full potential. Lizzie – My internship GC450 and Professor Charles Woodell Carrie – Shock and Vibration….Dr. Vergano

What is your favorite restaurant? Cobb – Olive Garden Grant – Italian (Macaroni Grill) Sully – Wendy’s Corey – Peppermill Sally – Pot Belly Deli – I love sandwiches. Lizzie – Outback Steakhouse Carrie – California Dreamin

Who is someone you have always wanted to meet? Cobb – Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp Grant – ?? Sully – Cast of Friends Corey – Kelly Ripa Sally – David Adams – cause he is an amazing runner in high school. He now runs for Clemson and I got the chance to meet him freshman year. I would also like to meet any National Champion rower from my same graduating year. Lizzie – Dave Matthews Carrie – No one in particular

Beach or Snow? Cobb – Beach Grant – Beach Sully – Beach Corey – Beach Sally – Beach Lizzie – Beach Carrie – Beach

What kind of car would you like to own? Cobb – Hybrid Gas/electric SUV Grant – Mercedes convertable Sully – Nissan Murano Corey – 4runner Sally – Red, Old, Stickshift Jeep Cherokee Lizzie – BMW M5 Carrie – Acura MDX

What do you like to do to relax? Cobb – Sleep, read, write poetry, and listen to music Grant – Read, take baths, watch movies Sully – Spend the day on the lake with friends Corey – Visit Cape Cod Sally – Bike Ride, go to the mountains Lizzie – Sleep Carrie – Layout in the sun, sleep, be outside doing things….

What are parting words of advice for the returning Varsity team? Cobb – Row for Clemson, Row for your teammates, row for YOU. This team is unique and you have been given a wonderful opportunity to be portofit, so make every moment count. Grant – Look at every practice as an opportunity to improve on the ergs, feel the rhythm in the boat and enjoy it! Sully – When out in a double, check for other boats more often than you think you need to! Corey – Don’t take anything for granted…..enjoy the team, workouts, etc…because you never know what will happen! Sally – Don’t stop giving it your best or setting your goals high. I truly believe it is better to give it everything and fall short of a goal than to never test the boundaries because in truth you have won because you tried. Lizzie – Figure out why you row–it will make your time more enjoyable. Carrie – If you’re not where you want to be-it’s the time now to make changes and get your mind there first you determine where you’re getting out of it. Get to know your class- they may be nothing like you, but they may be some of the greatest people you encounter throughout your life.

What are words of advice for the entering class of recruited freshman? Cobb – The sky is the limit. You are bringing in a new era, so you make the rules, you raise the bar. Grant – You may always be hungry but you don’t really need all that food! Come prepared to work hard, learn a lot about life and yourself and build camaraderie with your teammates. Sully – Do summer workouts! Corey – Give it your all; enjoy yourself; work hard for the good of the team and practice selflessness. Sally – Don’t be fooled into believing that an easy life is a good one or that the “normal” life is the right one. Don’t expect things to run a certain way because you will be disappointed, rejoice in each day, take things as they come and you will find things are better than you had planned. ? Lizzie – Make everyday count. It will be over before you know it! Carrie – This is an amazing opportunity you’ve been given, but it’s your choice to make whatever you want out of it.

What was your favorite rowing or team memory over the past 4 years? Cobb – Regionals Junior year with Carrie and Danielle rooming together. Finding a basketball and rowing a pair down Oakridges’ course. Grant – The four’s (all the years) and Skits and Senior year class song! Sully – Hard to pick one: Rivanna Romp last year my boat walked through a boat right as we passed the crowd-it was cool! This year was a great race against UCF and a lot of fun too! I have a lot of good memories from past 2 years. Corey – Novice sprint in Texas – Spring 2002. Sally – I would have to say putting our “senior vidwo” together. It brought everything together. Lizzie – Not sure. Carrie – Winning South Region championship in the JV4+ – we were rowing ugly but with a lot of heart and have never felt quite so happy about a boats success as I have with that one.

Word Association: first thought that comes to your mind….. Orange – County Choppers, fruit, sherbert, Clemson, Clemson, Clemson, Solid. Gatorade – Thirsty, orange, good, Refreshing, yummy, hydrate, thirst quencher. Death Valley – football, Big, turftailgating, football and friends, turf, football season = fun times, football. Nature Valley – granola, granola bar, ugh, gross (ate too many novice year), emergency snack, gagh, trailor food. 6 am – practice, boathouse practice, nothing new, wish I could hit snooze, setting my alarm clock and checking it again and again, not that early anymore, practice. Spring break – never, skits and songs, camp rowing, skits, beach, row, row, row. Boathouse hill – yuck, uh…., awful workout-never again!, torture yet rewarding when finished, pavement, how many?, torture. Boathouse music – not my type, repetitious, fired up mix, Heaven is a place on ergs, “we will rock you” on the loud speakers, next, next, next, repetitious. 10 k – too long, just 45 minutes, Never again!, Rather do this than a 2k, eeehh, a looong steady run, erg test President Barker – biggest fan, cool, skiing, committed, White house with a green lawn, amazing man that’s not too bad looking for his age either, Clemson University.