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Young Alumni Representative Program

Representative Program

  In order to be part of the Young Alumni Rep Program you must first be an appointed IPTAY Representative. The Young Alumni Rep Program is just a division of IPTAY’s Rep Program. It was designed to give young alumni the chance to work with other young alumni. The duties of an IPTAY Rep include the solicitation of current, prospective, and inactive donors for IPTAY. Representatives will be given credit for new memberships, upgrades in current memberships, renewal of current memberships, and the restoration of inactive memberships.

The Young Alumni Rep Program is made up of 9 Directors. Each director will be in charge of several representatives in their repective areas. All of these representatives will be responsible for creating and maintaining a relationship between young alumni and IPTAY.

District Directors(Click on director to e-mail) Greenville: Wil Brasington Columbia: Bryan Young Billy Higginbotham Charlotte: Lee Froneberger Conway,MB: Chris Johnson Florence/Camden: Greg Younghans Atlanta: Bill Milam Northeast: Will Schramme & Despina Kakaras Director At-Large: Matt Dunbar