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Woodrow Dantzler Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Woodrow Dantzler Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Aug. 30, 2001

Below are Woodrow Dantzler’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Woody for his time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”.


Woody, How do you feel about this year team? Who do you think is going to take Rod’s place as a receiver? Have a Great Season!!!!!!Christopher Daniels Blackville, SC

I feel pretty good about this year’s team, we have a lot of talent. As far as replacing Rod, it can’t be done. It will take a group effort from our receivers in order for us to be successful.

Woody, First of all congratulations on receiving your degree and for being such a good example of what a college athlete should be like. My question is: How did you come about wearing jersey #1…..?????????Walter H. Bell Vienna, VA

My favorite player wears #1, who goes by the name of Warren Moon.

Hi Woodrow, Have you regained 100% of the mobility you had at the beginning of last years season? You were awesome! Thanks.William Davis Chester, SC


Woodrow, When you hurt your ankle last year, how did you feel?Ryan Cox Rock Hill, SC

Like I let the team down, I was pretty hurt.

Woody, I would just like to say good luck to you and all the other Tigers. I feel that this will be a good year for the team. Do you feel if you pass for 2000 yards and run for 1000 that you will have more of an edge to get the Heisman?Tyler Martin Lake Toxaway, NC

Nope, it will take more than that. What, I don’t know.

Woody, What are your thoughts on moving to a formation where Simmons would be QB, Zachery as TB, and you as a HB/TB? Such a formation would appear to maximize the talents of our backfield.Jeff Gowdy Birmingham, AL

Only if I was not productive at QB. If I was and I was moved, I would be upset.

Woodrow, First of all congrats on a great academic and sport career. You seem to have so much passion for the game and success and with great humility. How difficult will it be to overcome these key injuries this year (Kevin and Altroy), and how do you and the coaches plan to motivate the other players to step up? Thanks, GO TIGERS!Bill Fann Moore, SC

First of all we will motivate ourselves. And the injuries will give other guys a chance to step up and help the team.

Woody, I am excited about this year’s freshman class. As a grad student and team leader, how have they responded to your leadership and which freshman has really stood out to you?Kevin Darnell Smithfield, NC

I really did not have to say much. This was a good recruiting class and the pretty much were self-motivated.

Hey Woody. Obviously, there are tons of expectations for you this year. Through, these expectations, how do you remain poised, and what are your personal goals? Best of luck. Go Tigers!Eric Sprott Clemson, SC

There is no bigger expectation than what we have for ourselves.

Woody, I have noticed that all of the talk seems to be about this year’s Tiger team, which I think is awesome. I am surprised, however, that I do not hear more about your future plans in football. If you could answer hypothetically for a moment: if your senior season were over today and you had to take the next step, do you see yourself playing QB in the NFL? Would you be against changing positions if it would help your chances at playing football in the NFL?Willie Anderton Jacksonville, FL

I plan to give the league a chance. I would like to play QB because that is all I know. I would like a chance.

Woody, I know you like to downplay the Heisman hype. But I would just like to know how it feels seeing kids all over the place wearing that #1 jersey and talking about being the next Woodrow Dantzler? I personally hope you are enjoying the hype, it is great for Clemson and I don’t think the attention could go to a better rep of our university. Good luck this year and Go Tigers!Scott McMurphy Charlotte, NC

I just see it all as a blessing from GOD!!!

Go Tigers! Woody Dantzler

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” will be the head coach of the sixth ranked men’s soccer team, Trevor Adair.