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Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field Tryout Information

Aug. 22, 2007

The women’s cross country and track & field teams will hold team tryouts on September 5. The tryouts will be held for cross country at 4:00 PM at the Rock Norman outdoor track. Tryouts for track & field will be held at 5:00 PM. Those interested in trying out for the 2007-08 academic year must be at the outdoor facility at the times listed.

The coaching staff encourages all avid runners or those who competed in cross country in high school to come to the team tryouts in September. The coaching staff also encourages any good athletes or those who competed in track & field in high school to tryout on the fifth of September. Those interested in trying out for either squad must bring required items. The first item of importance is proof of physical paperwork. The physical must have been performed within the last six months by a licensed medical doctor. The second item is proof of insurance paperwork. Those trying out will also need running shoes and will also be asked to sign a medical waiver prior to participating in any activity.

Tryout – Location – Date (Time) Women’s Cross Country – Rock Norman Track – Sept. 5 (4:00 PM) Women’s Track & Field – Rock Norman Track – Sept. 5 (5:00 PM)