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What’s Happening with SOS…

May 30, 2012

Although it is the summer, Clemson’s student-athletes don’t let that stop them from volunteering around the community. As many athletes are training for their upcoming seasons, they are also able to donate their time and skills to attend numerous camps around Clemson.

Football players Eric Mac Lain and Spencer Region volunteered at Siloam Baptist Church football camp on May 21. Over 30 campers learned the fundamentals of catching the football and running routes, and were able to participate in many different drills, led by Mac Lain and Region.

After a night full of football, the students had a chance to listen to the two student-athletes share their testimonies and stories about how they succeed on and off the football field. They also discussed how hard work and dedication are vital to being part of a team.

When Mac Lain reflected on his participation with the camp he said, “The camp was a total success. My teammate and I helped spread the word of God and taught the kids some fundamentals of football!”