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What’s Happening with SOS…

What’s Happening with SOS…

July 28, 2011

I had the opportunity to visit and read to a group of children who are campers at Camp Read-a-Rama last week. Read-a-Rama was started in 2001 by Dr. Michelle Martin, the associate dean and professor of English at Clemson University. Dr. Martin has been a huge help in our development of the new T.I.G.E.R! Read program we will start this fall. Her students selected the five books we will use and wrote reviews of each. We wanted to return the favor by helping her with her camp, and as the new SOS Director, I was available.

The day camp runs throughout the summer and has a different theme for each week, and its purpose is to instill a love of reading. The theme relates to the activities that the campers will participate in each day throughout the week as well as the books they will read. The week that I attended was their water week! The children participated in activities that involved water and learned about different animals that live in the water.

I read a children’s book to the campers about a duck and his mother living on the pond and how the baby duck has to explore to learn about the environment that he is growing up in. It was so enjoyable for me to have this opportunity to read to a great group of children, as it gave me more experience in career choice – elementary education! The campers were great listeners and loved the book. I am hoping to go back another day this summer before the camp is over. Before I left for the day, the campers sang to me their send-off song saying thanks for coming and we were happy to have you! The laughter and smiles on the kids’ faces absolutely made my day!

– Callie Cavanaugh, Solid Orange Squad Director