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West Endzone 2

West Endzone Renovation Proposal

The face of Death Valley will be changing over the next few years as Tiger fans will soon be able to enjoy a new look. The West Endzone project will create a new front door to Memorial Stadium while consolidating the football program. The new look will connect the North and South concourses while providing amenity seating on top of the field. A family fun zone will be created along with a University/Football Museum all fans of Clemson will enjoy. Take a peek at what we are working on but keep in mind that all plans at this point are subject to change. For more information or questions, be sure to attend your local Spring IPTAY Meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions and Reservation form

May 2004 Renderings (in pdf format):Level 1 Phase 2Level 1 Phase 2 alternate Phase 2 ElevevationPhase 2 AerialLevel 2 Phase 2 Level 3 Phase 2


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Phase 1 – Northwest View Phase 1 – East View
Phase 1 – West View Phase 2 – Northwest View
Phase 2 – Aerial View Section B

Phase 2 – Level 2

Phase 2 – Level 3
Level 4 Level 5