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Welcome to the New

Welcome to the New

Today we’re excited to unveil a redesigned version of our official website,! Along with our digital media partner NeuLion, we spent the last several months rebuilding the site to ensure the best experience for our fans and recruits looking for news, information and content on Clemson sports.

“The primary focus in our redesign process was the user experience—providing quality content on a visually appealing site that’s easy to navigate,” said Clemson Director of New Media Jonathan Gantt.

In addition to comprehensive information on teams that includes rosters, schedules, player bios and other program details, the new is better equipped to display dynamic, behind-the-scenes content in the form of videos, blogs and social media feeds.

The site features innovative responsive technology that scales the presentation to fit the user device (desktop, tablet or mobile). With mobile usage rising significantly with our fans and recruits (21% in 2012; 31% in 2013; 38% in 2014), now has one site that is optimized for mobile viewing in addition to quality desktop or tablet presentations.

“Clemson fans have gone to mobile more and more each year,” noted Ed O’Brien, VP NeuLion College.  “The new responsive designed will create a simple, more robust experience for all fans with a focus towards the growing mobile segment.”

New features include:

  • Improved schedule presentation featuring an event calendar
  • An exclusive-to-Clemson social media display on the homepage and #ClemsonFamily Social Hub that includes a directory of official social accounts
  • Enhanced video presentation with free access to on-demand and live video content
  • Targeted recruiting areas with comprehensive program information
  • New menu displays for easier access to team information
  • The $2 Blog-Clemson fans first used Tiger-stamped $2 bills to show that Tiger fans are everywhere. This blog has the same mission-go everywhere the Tigers go with behind-the-scenes photos, videos and stories on players, coaches, teams and alumni
  • The Clemson Vault-The Clemson athletic department houses an expansive library of unique historical photos, videos and information and the Clemson Vault spotlights that exclusive content and preserves special Clemson traditions for generations of Tiger fans, old and young

Continued key features:

  • Free, unlimited access to live TigerCast events and on-demand video and audio content
  • Comprehensive information and event coverage for all 19 Clemson sports