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Welcome to “The $2 Blog”

Welcome to “The $2 Blog”

By Jonathan Gantt || Clemson Athletic Communications

Welcome to “The $2 Blog!”

You’re used to seeing previews and recaps of games on but in this blog you’ll find behind-the-scenes photos, videos and stories from all the fun stuff that happens outside the fields of play with our players, coaches, teams and alumni.

Why’d we choose to name it the “The $2 Blog?”

Clemson fans using Paw-stamped $2 bills is a Tiger tradition that dates back more than 30 years. The story goes that in 1977, Georgia Tech decided to stop playing football against Clemson, and, in a show of protest, students and alumni stamped $2 bills with Tiger Paws and used them in Atlanta to illustrate the money Clemson fans spent at athletic events. Today, fans still use $2 bills when attending away games, particulary during bowl season.

The point of the Paw-stamped $2 bill was to show that the #ClemsonFamily is everywhere. And so, we took the same approach with “The $2 Blog”—go everywhere the Tigers go and help connect #ClemsonFamily across the country (and world, for that matter).