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Welcome to Paradise: Clemson in the Virgin Islands – Saturday

Nov. 20, 2010

One of the first things you hear when people talk about the Paradise Jam is how well the teams are treated. Throughout this week, that has certainly been the case. Basketball Travelers, the company that runs the event, has done a wonderful job of providing the absolute best hospitality for each and every team in the tournament.

The hospitality continued on Saturday, as the Tiger basketball team took a catamaran four miles off the main island for a snorkeling adventure. All 12 players took part in the event, as did most of the coaches, their families, and the support staff.

Snorkeling Adventure Photo Gallery

It took about 30 minutes to sail out to what is known as Wreck Cove. The origin behind the name was explained by the crew that took us out there. The catamaran anchors out directly above the remains of a ship that wrecked at sea years ago. That was one of the features to see while snorkeling, as were the school of fish that seemed to stay close to the boat.

Each and every player eventually made their way into the water. The last to get in was Cory Stanton, who was a little apprehensive about the idea of snorkeling. Once he saw his teammates having a good time, it didn’t take long to convince him that it wasn’t so bad after all. Head Coach Brad Brownell and his wife, Paula, enjoyed plenty of time in the water. After some prodding, the Tigers’ coach finally got one of his daughters to join them to see the sights under the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The team spent the better part of an hour in the cove before heading back to the Marriott headquarters. In all, it was a two-hour experience that certainly made the trip worthwhile.

Preparation for Clemson’s next opponent, Old Dominion, began on Saturday. The Tigers held a sharp two-hour practice at the Antilles School from 12-2 PM, prior to the snorkeling trip. Then, after eating dinner at the hotel, the coaches and players gathered again for their traditional walk-through to learn and discuss ODU’s tendencies.

The scouting report will be finalized at shootaround Sunday, with the game scheduled to tip off at 6:00 PM Eastern time. Remember, the game will be televised by Fox College Sports. It can also be heard on the Clemson radio network, with the pregame show beginning at 5:30 PM. Check the home page of our Web site to find your local affiliate. Go Tigers!