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WBB || Italy Adventure, Day 8

WBB || Italy Adventure, Day 8

The Clemson women’s basketball team is in Italy from Aug. 4-14 for a tour which includes stops in Milan, Lake Como, Venice, Florence and Rome, games against three international teams and unlimited opportunities for learning, bonding and creating unforgettable memories.

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Aug. 12

We departed from our hotel in Florence at 9 a.m. on the morning of our eighth day in Italy, with plans to head directly to Rome. However, on the way out of the city, our bus driver, Emilio, and our Italian tour guide, Corado, had a surprise for us before we left the city. They drove us out to the Piazzale Michelangelo, a plaza on the outskirts of Florence that is known for having the best views of the city. We spent a few minutes looking out over the city and taking pictures before hopping back on the bus and continuing our journey to Rome.

When we arrived in Rome, we were dropped off just outside the Colosseum where we met our guide and immediately began our tour. The Colosseum was so impressive in terms of its size and structure, and was incredible to see in person and interesting to hear about its history. We also toured the Roman Forum on foot, before getting back on the bus for a quick driving tour.

Rome is so big, that seeing some of the sites by bus was a quick way to get the lay of the land, and will allow everyone to go back and see a few of the sites of most interest to them on their own during our free time on Friday afternoon.

Following the bus tour, we checked into our hotel, Massimo D’Azeglio, and had a short time to rest before our team dinner. This dinner was at La Gallina Bianca, a restaurant right around the corner from our hotel. We’ve had dinner together as a group (there are a total of 37 of us!) every night of the trip, and it has been enjoyable, and a really great bonding experience for everyone (players and staff), with lots of conversation and laughter.

Since we played our last game on Tuesday night, Coach C (Strength & Conditioning Coach Kaitlyn Cunningham) allowed the players to have dessert after dinner both last night and tonight. Many of the players enjoyed tiramisu or cheesecake, and it was quite a treat!

Tomorrow (Friday) is our last day in Italy, and we will get an early start to our day, leaving for Vatican City at 7 a.m.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@culadytigers) and Twitter (@ClemsonWBB) throughout the day every day for the most up-to-date information about our trip. We’ll also do our best to recap each day on, wi-fi permitting!