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WATCH “Lights Out at LJC”

WATCH “Lights Out at LJC”

As a special tribute for the final regular season game in Littlejohn Coliseum, a short video feature, “Lights Out at Littlejohn Coliseum” was played immediately following Clemson’s contest against NC State.

Narrated by the universally loved and respected longtime athletic department administrator Van Hilderbrand, the video re-lives some of the best moments and players in the facility’s history.

Click the play button to watch. Credits and script are below.

For nearly 47 years, it’s been the home of Clemson Basketball.

It’s where we watched Rollins, Nance, Kennedy, Campbell……Davis, Wright and McDaniels.

It’s where we’ve witnessed the impossible……Where we’ve screamed ’til our lungs gave out.…Where we’ve seen things we’ll always remember.

Opponents hated it. Tiger fans loved it.

For now, we’ll say goodbye to Littlejohn Coliseum as we know it.But it’ll be back. And it’ll be better than ever.

So take a look around. Because you might not recognize it when you come back.

We’ll see you here in 2016.

Go Tigers.

Narrated by Van HilderbrandEdited and produced by Nik ConklinWritten and produced by Jonathan Gantt