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Jul 19, 2020

Clemson Voices

Why We're Here

In light of recent events throughout our country, Clemson Athletics wanted to provide our student-athletes, coaches and staff an opportunity and platform to share their perspective. This series is called “Voices,” each episode focusing on a specific person in our athletics community, sharing their viewpoints and stories directly with the viewer with hopes that a personal connection could be made and consideration and empathy could follow. We thank these Tigers for sharing their stories.

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Sable Lee

Tylar Bennett

Anthony Hines

Danielle Davison

Darien Rencher

Crystal Childs

Yashica Martin

Shimmy Gray-Miller

Destiny Thomas

Marcia Edwards

Mark Elliott

Michaela Franklin

Nique Cherry

Xavier Brewer

Lennox Graham

Justin Malou

Courtney Jones

Isaiah Reid

Maliah Morris

Terrell McIntyre

Anthony Goins