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Vickery Hall Hosts Conference of Academic Advisors

Oct. 17, 2002

Clemson University’s Student-Athlete Enrichment Progams hosted a two-day conference of the Region II National Association of Academic Advisors for Athletics (N4A) October 6-8 at the Madren Conference Center in Clemson, SC. Ranging from the region’s twelve states (Arkansas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Kentucky) attendees meet annually at different campus host sites.

As this year’s host, Clemson’s Student-Athlete Enrichment Progams provided a program of intensive workshops and panel discussions focusing on critical issues in college athlete academic advising. The theme of the conference, “Keeping the Competitive Edge,” focused on strategies on ways to provide the most professional service possible both to institutions and to student-athletes.

Included in the conference programs were a Clemson faculty panel discussion on the topic,”Raising the Bar on Academics and Athletics,” small-group focus discussions on the areas of athletic academic support, review of new NCAA academic legislation by Shane Lyons,the assistant Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner for Compliance, and a panel discussion of support center directors discussing the impact of the new legislation on academic support centers.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Ed Cerny, president of Coaches’Corner, a corporate mentoring company located in Conway, SC. As part of the their commitment to community service, the Region II attendees provided educational books, software, and materials to donate to the Littlejohn Community Center after-school program. The donations were presented to the Center at the conference luncheon held on Monday, October 7th.