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Update on Tigers in the 2014 MLB Draft

Update on Tigers in the 2014 MLB Draft

CLEMSON, S.C. – Five of the six Tigers who were selected in the major league draft in June have signed professional contracts. Daniel Gossett (Athletics, 2nd round), Steve Wilkerson (Orioles, 8th round), Matt Campbell (Dodgers, 9th round), Garrett Boulware (Reds, 16th round) and Jay Baum (Mariners, 21st round) have signed and have joined their respective teams.

Matthew Crownover (Giants, 21st round) was the other Tiger who was drafted in early June. The six picks tied for 15th-most in the nation.

Jack Leggett has had 102 players drafted in his 21 seasons as head coach at Clemson. A total of 18 of those 102 players were drafted twice, meaning a Tiger has been drafted 120 times in Leggett’s tenure at Clemson.