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Understanding Your Role as a Booster…


The NCAA strictly limits the role representatives of athletics interest may take with regard to prospective student-athletes and currently enrolled student-athletes.  The penalties for breaking these rules, whether by accident or intentional are severe and may jeopardize a young person’s opportunity to attend and compete as a student-athlete. 

Clemson University’s responsibility for the conduct of its athletics programs includes the regulations for the actions of all individuals and organizations engaged in activities promoting the athletics interest of the institution.  As an institution committed to a competitive athletics program designed to be a vital part of the educational system, we recognize the danger brought about by overzealous and misguided representatives of athletics interest or “boosters”.NCAA Bylaw 13.01.4Recruiting by Representatives of Athletics Interest prohibits you as a representative of our athletics interest from making in-person, on- or off-campus recruiting contacts, or written or telephonic communications with a prospective student-athlete or the prospect’s relatives or legal guardians.  Any violation of this rule (or rules against providing transportation, entertainment, meals or anything else of material value to enrolled student-athletes or their family members), regardless of your intentions, may affect the continued eligibility of the young man or woman and may result in our athletics program being penalized by the NCAA.  In addition, you the booster could be disassociated from our program.

We respectfully request that you please DO NOT make any recruiting contact with prospective student-athletes at any time.  If you know of a prospective student-athlete, please inform the appropriate head coach, and let the coach and their staff be responsible for any contact with the prospect.  Should you have any questions about what you, as a supporter, may or may not do, please contact compliance services at 

DON’TBEAFRAIDTOASK!  WewantandneedyourcontinuedsupportandcooperationtoensurefullcompliancewithNCAArules.