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UCLA vs. Alabama AMU Quotes

Nov. 30, 2007

Alabama A&M Quotes:

Head Coach Nedra Brown Quotes:

“It was a great experience playing a great team like UCLA. I do wish that the young ladies could of played harder. I loved forward to seeing the other teams and look forward to watching the teams in the tournament.”

Brittani Lewis Quotes:

“It’s truly an honor to be here. The game started off slow, but it picked up towards the end. We could have done a lot better, but overall we’ve had a great season. We’ve had many accomplishments this year, including winning the SWAC Conference, and I’m proud we’ve made it this far.”

UCLA Quotes:

Head Coach Andy Banachowski Quotes:

“I was really pleased with how we played tonight, I was a little concerned with playing coming off of the travel. We did a great job of executing what we wanted to do tonight. Overall, I was really happy with our teams performance.”

” I thought we played a pretty complete game, I thought our attack started off really well. Everything looked sharp tonight, and it was really satisfying.”

“It was fortunate that we were able play everyone, and allow our starts to get rested for tomorrow’s game. It also gave everyone of taste of NCAA competition.”

Rachell Johnson Quotes:

“I really felt we were really focused and played our kind of a game, which is hard to do when you in South Carolina with a three hour time difference. It was really fun to get into the game, and our outsides got a lot of practice hitting, which helps our game. We also had a lot of people get in the game, which helps us work on our depth.”

Kaitlin Sather Quotes:

“Its always nice to establish yourself as a player, and play like every night is your last. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, we respect everyone we play, because every game could inevitably be our last. It was really great going out there tonight, and I was so happy that everyone got to play, because we all train the same amount of hours together. Everyone works hard together in practice, and it was great for everyone to play together tonight.”