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Through the years, many faculty and staff members have helped establish and strengthen Clemson’s academic support program for student-athletes.  Pioneers include Professor of Mathematics Edward Stanley who taught at Clemson for almost 30 years.  He began the tutoring program in 1945 and continued for 21 years until his retirement in 1972.  Another pioneer was Associate Professor of Mathematics Charles Morgan who tutored student-athletes from 1949 until his retirement in 1967.  A major milestone was reached in 1967 when retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Richard C. Robbins was employed as the first full-time staff member with specific duties to coordinate the academic support program for student-athletes. Under Colonel Robbins’ leadership, the framework was established for the programs we recognize today.

With the construction of Vickery Hall in 1991, significant strides were made in the tutoring/mentoring program through training, development, and evaluation. With national accreditation from the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), the program serves all student-athletes, regardless of ability, with specific tutoring for all subjects.  Problem solving, learning strategies, and study skills are incorporated into tutoring and mentoring sessions.   The programs help students clarify material and augment classroom instruction.  Academic mentors assist student-athletes in using research-based learning strategies to develop the academic skills necessary for making the transition from high school to college and to be effective life-long learners.

The tutoring and mentoring staff includes upperclassman undergraduates, graduate students, instructors, and community members.  All demonstrate superior competence in their academic disciplines and work to meet individual and small group academic needs.

To accommodate varied schedules, student-athletes may schedule appointments during all hours that Vickery is open. They can request individual or small group sessions by logging into the TutorTrac website to set appointments.

Grateful to our pioneers, we are proud to have one of the few athletic programs in the nation with CRLA certified programs for both tutoring and mentoring.