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Tommy Bowden Thanks Collegiate Club Members

Tommy Bowden Thanks Collegiate Club Members

In a recent letter (below) to all previous IPTAY Collegiate Club Members, Tommy Bowden thanked the Collegiate Club members for their support and reminded them of how important it is to continue supporting IPTAY.

From The Desk of: Tommy Bowden

Dear IPTAY Collegiate Club Member,

As a past member of the IPTAY Collegiate Club you have had a tremendous impact on our athletic department. Your contributions helped provide scholarships to our athletes, build new facilities, and renovate old ones. These facilities are critical for recruiting the nation’s best high school student-athletes.

I have coached several established programs throughout the southeast. The IPTAY Collegiate Club is a one of a kind organization that sets the precedent for other Universities around the nation. Your organization’s accomplishments should make you proud.

I hope you will continue supporting Clemson athletics by renewing your IPTAY Collegiate Club membership for this year. The players and coaching staff truly appreciate all of the support that the IPTAY Collegiate Club provides. There is no other school in the nation that has the student support that Clemson does.

Thank you and GO TIGERS!

Sincerely,Tommy Bowden Head Football Coach Clemson University