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Times Changed For Big Orange Bash

Sept. 1, 2004

The Clemson volleyball team will host its first tournament of the season this weekend with the Big Orange Bash. Start times for two of Saturday’s matches have been changed. The new schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday 9:00 AM – Western Carolina vs. The Citadel 11:30 AM – Winthrop vs. Northern Iowa 2:00 PM – Clemson vs. Western Carolina 5:00 PM – The Citadel vs. Winthrop 8:00 PM – Clemson vs. Northern Iowa

Saturday 9:00 AM – Clemson vs. The Citadel 11:00 AM – Northern Iowa vs. Western Carolina 1:00 PM – Clemson vs. Winthrop 4:30 PM – Northern Iowa vs. The Citadel 7:00 PM – Winthrop vs. Western Carolina