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Oct 29, 2022

Tigers Wrap Up Fall Season in Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL. – Clemson concluded their fall season Saturday at the Head of the Black Warrior River, a Power of the Pink event. 

The Tigers competed first in the Varsity Fours, where they had five boats race. Clemson B took home first place at 17:56.6, with Clemson A right behind them to earn second at 18:11.1. Clemson C would come in at eighth with 19:35.7, along with Clemson E coming in at 16th with 19:26.0 and Clemson D coming in at 17th with 19:36.7. 

Next, Clemson had two boats compete in the Novice Eights. The Tigers impressed with Clemson A coming in first at 17:23.1 and Clemson B following right behind to earn second at 18:27.2. 

“The goal for this last race of the fall season was simple: race hard, no excuses” said Head Coach Stephen Wong. “We challenged the team to push past their limits in an environment filled with competitive pressure and we are really pleased with their response. It’s a great feeling to head into the winter indoor training season knowing we’re on the right track to building our fitness and race mentality.” 

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Novice Eights

Clemson A

  • Stephanie Hampton (Coxswain)
  • Hannah Newman
  • Jordy Andrade
  • Emmie Kelly
  • Jane Upmeyer
  • Evelyn Trost
  • Camille Egger
  • Amelia Scherer
  • Tali Newman

Clemson B

  • Alexa Grassi (Coxswain)
  • Rose Imbesi
  • Rebecca Pitt
  • Amari Randall
  • Isabella Kerr
  • Joy Neal
  • Ava Tarzian
  • Maddie Kavanagh
  • Grace Pugh


Varsity Fours

Clemson A

  • Julia Walsh (Coxswain)
  • Isabel Velasquez 
  • Rachel Twitty
  • Amelia Rinehart
  • Amelia Anglin

Clemson B

  • Christina Minyo (Coxswain)
  • Anna Luttrell
  • Lori Belanger
  • Emery Sampson
  • Hannah Hayes

Clemson C

  • Salma Shaalan (Coxswain)
  • Jaysen Hall
  • Emma Randolph
  • Claudia Scherbin
  • Caroline Emerson

Clemson D

  • Kristen Dutkin (Coxswain)
  • Avery Howard
  • Gabby Babin
  • Deanna Cáceres
  • Abby Dutton

Clemson E

  • Lauren Crumley (Coxswain)
  • Maddie Scarlett
  • Elizabeth Murphy
  • Emma Frohnapfel
  • Katherine Konieczny