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Nov 14, 2021

Tigers Conclude Rivanna Romp

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – The Clemson rowing team finished its first official race of the season at the Rivanna Romp in Charlottesville, Va on Sunday afternoon. The Tigers fielded a boat in the 1V8+, 2V8+, 1V4+,  2V4+, 3V4+, 4V4+, 5V4+ and Novice 8+ events. The 1V8+ boat finished ninth at 14:06.6 while the 2V8+ crossed the finish line 15th at 14:40.0.

Clemson’s Varsity Four finished 15th at 16:05., the Second Varsity Four 18th at 16:24.9, the Fourth Varsity Four 20th at 16:39.7, the Third Varsity Four placed 25th at 17:23.0, and the Fifth Varsity Four finished 27th at 18:00.0.

Clemson’s Novice 8+ saw great success placing fourth at 16:01, beating teams from Virginia, Louisville and Duke.

“In the eights today these Tigers did everything we asked of them,” said Head Coach Stephen Frazier Wong.  “They competed with fantastic intensity and focus. We’ve had a solid fall training season and now our team’s attention turns to exams and pulling A’s instead of pulling on their oars. As we head into our winter break, we’re confident in the training volume we’ve put in and look forward to a strong spring.”

Varsity 8’s 

Clemson A: Emerey Sampson, Claudia Scherbin, Isabel Velasquez, Karli Robinson, Pepper Kolman, Lori Belanger, Anna Luttrell, Rachel Twitty, Kate Hadley

Clemson B: Caroline Emerson, Hannah Hayes, Jasmine Lewis, Amelia Anglin, Amelia Rinehart, Ellie Loehrer, Emma Randolph, Meghan McLean, Julia Walsh

Varsity 4’s

Clemson A: Kate Hadley, Pepper Kolman, Lori Belanger, Anna Luttrell, Rachel Twitty

Clemson B: Julia Walsh, Claudia Scherbin, Isabel Velasquez, Ellie Loehrer, Emerey Sampson

Clemson C: Christina Minyo, Amelia Rinehart, Karli Robinson, Emma Randolph, Meghan McLean

Clemson D: Salma Shaalan, Amelia Anglin, Caroline Emerson, Hannah Hayes, Jasmine Lewis

Clemson E: Kelsey Drzewicki, Summer Ratley, Ivey May, Elizabeth Murphy, Avery Howard

Novice 8

Clemson A: Celia Cox, Hannah Lorch, Josie Bonamy, Emma Frohnapfel, Deanna Caceres, Maddie Scarlett, Bryanna Wilder, Maddie O’Neill, Kristen Dutkin

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