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Sep 27, 2021

Tigerama 2021

By: Tommy Stuppi

Note: The following appears in the Georgia Tech football gameday program.

What defines a house is the physical structure, design, location or even the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms. Yet, what defines a home is much different.

A home is a place where unconditional love, constant support, unity and perseverance thrive and are instilled in everyone. A home is where people come together, not because they have to, but because it is innate within them. A home is where, no matter what, people come first, and a culture of togetherness is bred. Clemson is our home, where the sun continues to shine brighter every day.

People are what make the difference. It is not just home football Saturdays, Solid Orange Fridays or even the Clemson ring. What Clemson represents is not necessarily visual, it is an intangible feeling.

Clemson is one family, one group of people bought into the culture that has been cultivated over generations of Tigers. Clemson is a place where people represent the very idea of a home, in that it brings security, unity and pride.

There certainly is something in these hills, and it has proven to be more significant than ever. As we return to a world that we once knew, we rely on our homes more than ever to support us through mentally and physically challenging times. We rely on each other.

No period of time has proven that more than this past year, and in no period of time has the Clemson Family demonstrated and proven its strength. With extreme passion, extreme sincerity and extreme happiness, we finally can say “Welcome Home,” to friends, families, students, faculty and anyone in the world that Clemson touches…”Welcome Home.”

Clemson’s 65th Tigerama is hosted on Friday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. We are so excited to bring this tradition back into Memorial Stadium.

The show consists of a pep-rally portion, featuring student groups from all over Clemson’s campus putting on live performances or submitting “hype” videos coinciding with this year’s theme. The second part of the show features country artist Frankie Ballard putting on a live concert.

Tigerama is a very exciting time for families, students, faculty, friends and all those touched by Clemson to celebrate the Clemson Family, and it begins the adrenaline rush for gameday in Death Valley.

Fans can purchase Tigerama tickets at Hendrix Student Center or online at Tickets are $10 for students and children in advance and $20 for adults. Visit and @cutigerama on Instagram for the most up-to-date information.


On Nov. 8, 1957, Joe Sherman and Blue Key Honor Society oversaw the inaugural performance of Tigerama, making it the second-largest, completely student-run pep rally in the nation.

Tigerama has become a hallmark event during the Homecoming weekend in Tigertown, highlighting for an audience of thousands the best of what the university has to offer in terms of Clemson spirit.

Since 1957, Tigerama has been more than just a celebration of Homecoming…it is a unique experience for Tiger fans of all ages. Tigerama is not only a catalyst for school spirit, it is also a source of essential scholarship support.

Since its founding in 1957, the proceeds from Tigerama have provided the top student from each academic major a Tigerama scholarship, which recognizes excellence in the classroom and leadership in the community.