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Tiger Trail Runs Through Clemson

Tiger Trail Runs Through Clemson

By Mike Money || Clemson Marketing

Sunday night Clemson Athletics opened its doors to members of the Rochester Institute of Technology Women’s Cross Country Team as they made a stop in Clemson for their Tiger Trail charity run.

Tiger Trail is an initiative to raise money and awareness to help save Tigers in the wild. Partnering with Tigers4Tigers (a campus organization across the country that was started in Clemson), members of RIT Cross Country are running from Auburn, Ala., all the way back to Rochester, N.Y. The total journey will take nine days and cover 1,400 miles, including stops at schools that have the Tiger as a mascot along the way.

The team ran from Atlanta to Clemson and took a running tour of both the city of Clemson and campus. They stopped in at the Jervey Athletic Center for a quick shower before loading up their RV’s and running the next leg of the journey.

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