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Tiger Track and Field To Compete At Kentucky Invitational

Tiger Track and Field To Compete At Kentucky Invitational

Jan. 15, 2004

CLEMSON, SC – The Tiger track and field team will compete at the Kentucky Invitational on Jan. 16-17 at Nutter Fieldhouse in Lexington. Thirty members of the Clemson men’s team will compete in 14 events in the meet that begins Friday evening and concludes on Saturday.

In the field events, Ryan Hunter and Brent Hobbs will compete for Clemson in the pole vault. Danny Alge, Derek Gilson, Nick Caramanico will contest the weight throw, and Gilson, Lombardi, Caraminico, Hunter and Hobbs will be joined by Ryan Koontz in the shot put. Jason Bell and George Kitchens, R. Hill, Koontz, Hobbs and Hunter. Adam Linkenauger will compete in the high jump.

In the 60m dash, George Kitchens, Ronald Richards and Robert Ibeh will take to the track, and Roy Cheney, Lydell Perry, Scott Kautz, R. Hill, Hunter, Koontz and Hobbs will compete in the 60m hurdles. Richards, Perry, Cheney and Griffin will double in the 200m dash, while Bolling, Acker, Warren Eure, Ibeh and Kautz compete in the 400m dash. Nine Tigers will compete in the 800m run, including Ahmad Rutherford, Mike Foley, Clay Pendleton, Eric Soder, R. Hill, Koontz, Hunter and Hobbs. Clark, Pendleton, Foley and Soder will also represent Clemson in the mile run, while Matt Pimentel, Ryan Fenton, Sean Reilly compete in the 3000m. The Tigers will also field two 4x400m relay teams.

Schedule Of Events Friday, Jan. 16 6:00 PM – Pole vault (Klotzbach, Hunter, Hobbs) – Weight throw (Alge, Gilson, Lombardi, Caramanico) – Triple jump (Bell, Barrow) Saturday, Jan. 17 10:30 AM – High jump (Linkenauger) 11:00 AM – Shot put (Gilson, Lombardi, Caramanico, Hill, Hunter, Koontz, Hobbs) – Long jump (Kitchens, Bell, Barrow, Hill, Koontz, Hobbs, Hunter) 12:45 PM – 60m hurdles (Cheney, Perry, Kautz, Hill, Hunter, Koontz, Hobbs) 1:05 PM – 60m dash (Griffin, Bolling, Kitchens, Acker, Richards, Ibeh) 1:30 PM – Mile run (Clark, Pendleton, Foley, Soder) 1:50 PM – 60m hurdles finals 2:00 PM – 60m dash finals 2:35 PM – 400m dash (Bolling, Acker, Eure, Ibeh, Kautz) 3:20 PM – 800m run (Rutherford, Foley, Clark, Pendleton, Soder, Hill, Koontz, Hunter, Hobbs) 3:50 PM – 200m (Richards, Perry, Cheney, Griffin) 4:30 PM – 3000m (Pimentel, Fenton, Smith, Reilly) 5:05 PM – 4x400m relay