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Tiger Tailgate Show Live from Wild Wing in Spartanburg Saturday at 5:00 PM

Tiger Tailgate Show Live from Wild Wing in Spartanburg Saturday at 5:00 PM

Nov. 12, 2010

Clemson fans can enjoy lots of pre-game fun, food and prizes on Saturday, November 13, as the Tiger Tailgate Show will take to the air live from Wild Wing Café in Spartanburg at 5:00 PM.

Your host David Stein will be live at Wild Wing Café in Spartanburg along with co-host Dan Scott, and Roy Philpott will be joining them from the broadcast booth in Tallahassee.

Clemson fans will be treated to great Wild Wing food and drink specials, lots of pre-game fun and info-tainment, countless games and prizes and even a pre-game, pre-recorded pep talk from Dabo Swinney and The Coolest Free T-shirt Ever Given Away Anywhere.

“Stein versus Food” “Stein Versus Food” will take on a new twist at the road shows at Wild Wing. At Wild Wing, Dan Scott will order dinner for David (most likely Braveheart wings) and dare him to eat them on-air. We will see if David can put them away.

“Know Thine Enemy” One fan will be selected from the crowd and will be asked to answer five trivia questions about that day’s opponent. Should the fan answer all five questions correctly, that fan will receive a very special Clemson prize.

The Coolest Free T-Shirt Ever Given Away Anywhere Fans at Wild Wing Cafe of Spartanburg will get to catch the coolest free T-shirt, courtesy of the official screen printer of The Tiger Tailgate Show – Tiger Town Graphics!

Don’t miss this awesome Clemson football extravaganza at 5:00 PM on Saturday, November 13 at the Wild Wing Café of Spartanburg. If you’re not lucky enough to be there in person, be sure to tune in to one of the proud affiliates of the Clemson Tiger Sports Network.

Click here for directions to Wild Wing Café of Spartanburg: