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Tiger Men’s Basketball Players Attend Anderson Heat Postseason Banquet

June 19, 2012

On Thursday, June 7, members of the Clemson men’s basketball team attended the end-of-year banquet for the Anderson Heat at the University’s Student Union Bowling Alley. Director of Operations Dick Bender, along with Devin Coleman, Carson Fields, Rod Hall, T.J. Sapp and Bernard Sullivan, attended the banquet in order to congratulate the Heat on a successful season.

The Tigers were able to share their stories of hard work and dedication, which have enabled them to play basketball at the college level. The team was grateful for the opportunity to interact with young athletes in the community.

Fields said, “We had a great time being able to share what it means to be members of the Clemson men’s basketball team with the Anderson Heat. We were able to talk to the boys and encourage them to pursue their dreams of being college athletes.”

Dana Jackson, Coach of the Anderson Heat, said, “Words can’t express how surprised and thankful the boys were to have Clemson basketball players to show up at the banquet. The look on their faces when the players walked in was priceless.”

The Anderson Heat plan to attend a Clemson basketball game during the upcoming season.