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Tiger Letterwinners Association Is Now The Block C Club

Tiger Letterwinners Association Is Now The Block C Club

CLEMSON, SC The Tiger Letterwinners Association is changing its name to The BLOCK C CLUB as announced by the organization’s Executive Director Bob Mahony.

The first reference to the BLOCK C CLUB was in the 1913-14 school year.  The club identified the student athletes who lettered in a varsity sport at Clemson.  Since then, the organization has gone through two name changes, the Tiger Letterman’s Association and the Tiger Letterwinners Association until today.

The purpose of the name change, according to Mahony, is to bring back the tradition and significance of earning the BLOCK C as a varsity student athlete.  He hopes that as the organization continues to grow, there will be an increased sense of unity among all Letterwinners, past, present, and future.

The mission of the new BLOCK C CLUB will be to provide opportunities for fellowship, recognize our past and present Letterwinners for accomplishments athletically, academically and professionally, to reach out and reconnect former Letterwinners to Clemson and Clemson athletics, and to educate Letterwinners about opportunities to get involved in student athlete development.  Our ultimate goal is to be a resource for each of our student athletes to earn a Clemson degree.

The BLOCK C CLUB will continue to be under the umbrella of IPTAY, part of the re-organization in 2014.  It will be a resource to generate interest and foster support for Clemson Athletics, along with the IPTAY Annual Fund, Major Gifts, and Planned Giving.  In addition to our student athletes, the BLOCK C CLUB includes coaches, managers, trainers, cheerleaders and mascots who helped support our varsity sports.

Another major function of the BLOCK C CLUB is to select inductees into the Clemson Athletic Hall of Fame, a responsibility started in 1973.

“We want to change the name so our alumni who earned a BLOCK C can again identify with the BLOCK C CLUB” said Mahony.  “It also gives our current student athletes an organization they will always be a part of after they earn their first varsity BLOCK C at Clemson”.

If you are a Clemson Letterwinner and would like to join the BLOCK C CLUB, please click HERE.