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Tiger Letterwinners Association History

Tiger Letterwinners Association History

History of Clemson’s Letterwinners Association

The Association was established in 1970 with four major focus areas and they remain the same today.

  1. Afford the opportunity for fellowship among all Clemson former student-athletes who have earned a Letter in their respective sports.
  2. To honor former Clemson University student-athletes, coaches and others associated with the Clemson University Athletic Department through election to the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame.
  3. Provide outreach to our former student-athletes and other members of the Association.
  4. Educate coaches and current student-athletes about the history of Clemson Athletics.

The membership includes male and female student-athletes who received an athletic letter while at Clemson.  We have approximately 3,000 members from the 19 current intercollegiate sports plus several members from sports no longer sponsored by the Clemson Department of Athletics (boxing, men’s diving, fencing, men’s and women’s swimming and wrestling).  The Association is managed by a Board of Directors, which meets twice annually.

The Board of Directors of the Tiger Letterwinners Association acts as the Athletic Hall of Fame nominating committee.  Any former student-athlete who excelled in athletics while at Clemson may be nominated and subsequently elected for Hall of Fame induction.  In addition, coaches and other administrators who might not have been a student-athlete at Clemson but who have contributed significantly to Clemson Athletics are eligible for Hall of Fame induction under the “Special Inductee” category.  Since our first Hall of Fame induction in 1974, 296 individuals, representing all sports have been inducted into the Clemson Athletic Hall of Fame.

Our purpose in maintaining this organization is to preserve the legacy and history each athlete experienced as a student-athlete and to afford the opportunity to stay connected to Clemson Athletics.