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Throws Fest Results

Women’s 20 lb. Weight Throw  
Amber Campbell22.8174’10
Nikki Slocumb15.9152’2.5
Emily Sanders14.7848’6
Kim Williams14.6047’10.75
Emily Bernhardt13.9445’9
Emily Greeson13.3243’8.5
Allison Horner13.0742’10.75
Jamilla Minnifield13.0542’9.75
Markaysa Norwood12.9942’7.5
Erica Keddo12.6541’6
Lauren Niles12.6441’5.75
Patrice Gates12.6041’4.25
Jasmine MaGhee12.1539’10.5
Lauren Chambers11.5637’11.25
Women’s Master’s Weight Throw    
Carol Young13.5444’5.25W65 Record12 lb weight
(13.82, 13.54, 13.09, 12.71, 12.59, 14.19)  Implement re-measured long
on the 13.82 and 14.19 throws
Carol Young7.6825’2.5W65 Record25 lb weight
(F, 7.32, 6.79, F, 7.59, 7.68)    
Lillian Snaden7.9426’0.75W75 Record12 lb weight
(7.36, 7.40, 7.29, F, 7.47, 7.94,)    
Lillian Snaden4.8515’11W75 Record25 lb weight
(4.67, 4.77, 4.85, 4.83, F, 4.64)    
Maureen McLaughlin3.8912’9W4520 lb weight
Maureen McLaughlin2.147’0.25W4535 lb weight
Women’s Shot Put    
Nikki Slocumb13.5444’5.25  
Emily Greeson12.6541’6  
Jamilla Minnifield12.3940’7.75  
Emily Sanders12.3340’5
Erica Keddo11.3937’3.25
Eve Machovec11.0036’1.25
Lauren Chambers10.8135’5.75
Emily Bernhardt10.7835’4.5
Allison Horner10.6735’0.25
Monique Pitts10.4234’2.25
Kim Williams9.4430’11.75
Patrice Gates9.2530’4.25
Jasmin MaGhee9.0929’10
Lolita Galloway9.0629’8.75
Boy’s Weight Throw (25 lb. Weight)  
Charles Rohling19.1062’8
Dave Schiedt18.7361’5.5
Wes Wright18.1959’8.25
Zach Hunter17.9558’10.75  
Andrew Hackney17.8558’6.75  
Lloyd Lassiter16.1452’11.75  
Nate Kiely14.6648’1.25  
Cody Cox14.1546’5.25  
Mitchell Gormley13.6344’8.75  
Men’s Master’s Weight Throw    
Bill Snader4.0013’1.5M7535 lb weight
Mike Valle16.1853’1M6020 lb weight
Bill Gramley13.2643’6M6520 lb weight
Boy’s Shot Put (12 lb.)    
Israel Machovec16.3353’7  
Wes Wright15.3850’5.25  
Jahwaun Blair15.3750’5.25  
David Scheidt15.3250’3.25 
Andrew Hackney14.8448’8.25 
Lloyd Lassiter14.1946’6.75 
Charles Rohling14.1246’4 
William Edwards14.0746’2 
Preston Simmons13.6044’7.5 
Chris Donaldson13.5044’3.5 
Cody Cox12.6541’6 
Mitchell Gormley12.1139’8.75 
Nate Kiely11.9739’3.25 
Paul Farmer10.9235’10 
Marcellus Johnson9.4931’1.75 
Master’s Shot Put   
Glenn Johnson14.1246’4M65 Record
(F, 13.99, 13.55, F, F, 14.12)   
Bill Gramley9.7632’0.25M65
Mike Valle11.3437’2.5M60
Jerry Vaughn13.9245’8M65
Bill Snaden6.6421’9.5M75