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The Tiger and Tiger Club Mascot Tradition

The Tiger and Tiger Club Mascot Tradition

2012-13 Mascot Tryout Information

In 2011-2012, Tiger fans will see Chris Alston, a junior Computer Engineering major from Atlanta, Ga and Christopher “Kit” Southwick, a senior Sports marketing major from St. Albans, VT share duties as “The Tiger” and Sarah Newburn, a senior Special Education major from Greenville, SC in her third year as “The Tiger Cub” mascot. Assisting Sarah is Marshall Saunders, a senior Ag Mechanization & Business major from Piney River, VA.

Since 1954, a Clemson student has adorned the mascot suit to entertain the Clemson faithful. Joined in 1993 by The Tiger Cub, these furry creatures can be seen imitating game officials (which is now against the rules), signing autographs, getting their picture taken with dignitaries (President Reagan, President Bush, Olympic athletes, among others), shooting the cannon, or doing “Pushups” each time Clemson scores.

Two of the fan favorite mascots were the all-time pushup leader (2,216) Mike Bays (’94-’97) who was third in the 1996 UCA National Mascot Championships and Chris Peters (’92-’93) who spent the 1995 football season as the mascot of the Memphis Mad Dogs of the World Football League. The “Eye of the Tiger” will always shine bright for the Clemson mascot due to an endowment set-up by Stuart McWhorter (’88-89) and his father Clayton in 1995.

Here are just a few of the great experiences by the Clemson mascots: One of McWhorter’s funniest moments was in Columbia in 1989 when he grabbed a tuba from a member of Tiger Band during halftime of the USC game. He ran on the field and created general havoc until being chased away by an offended Carolina band member.

Said Jay Williams, “It was an honor to be the first Tiger Cub.” “It was exciting create a personality and seeing the kids faces. The Tiger is more traditional, the fighting Tiger, but I am innocent, playful childlike mascot that the smaller kids really enjoy. The Cub adds a new dimension and means of interacting with the crowd.”

All-Time Pushup Records
Category Record/Record Holder Opponent Year
First Quarter 62 by Jon Potter Duke 2001
Second Quarter 175 by Ricky Capps Wake Forest 1981
Third Quarter 225 by Christopher “Kit” Southwick North Carolina 2011
Fourth Quarter 128 by Rob Lockard N.C. State 1998
Single Game 465 by Ricky Capps Wake Forest 1981
Away Day Game 251 by Zack Mills Wake Forest 1978
Away Night Game 315 by Brad Stoehr South Carolina 2003
Home Day Game 465 by Ricky Capps Wake Forest 1981
Home Night Game 135 by Jon Potter The Citadel 2000
Overseas Game 72 by Randy Faile Wake Forest 1982
Bowl Game 105 by Martin Lowry Penn State 1988
Season 1,549 by Jon Potter   2000
Career 2,216 by Mike Bays   1994-97


Schedule an Appearance by The Tiger or Tiger Cub

To request an appearance up to 90 minutes by The Tiger or Tiger Cub, please forward a letter or an e-mail to:

John Seketa Clemson Athletics P.O. Box 31 Clemson, SC 29633

The letter must contain the following information; name of the event, date, time, location, directions, contact person and phone number.

The cost for an appearance is $70.00 and $.50 per mile to and from the location. You will receive in writing a confirmation on whether or not a mascot will be able to make the appearance.

The Tiger Year Tiger Cub
Chris Alston & Kit Southwick 2011-12 Sarah Newburn
Michael Speer 2010-11 Sarah Newburn
Nolan Cole 2009-10 Sarah Newburn
Nolan Cole 2008-09 Martin Jernigan
Dan Licata 2007-08 Tyler Alewine
Brandon Little 2006-07 Clint Cagle
Brandon Little 2005-06 Clint Cagle
Brad Stoehr 2004-05 Paul Huguley
Brad Stoehr 2003-04 Paul Huguley
Patrick Hitpas 2002-03 Jordan Powell
Patrick Hitpas 2001-02 Kate Weppner
Jon Potter 2000-01 Dan Wangerin
Zack Callaham 1999-2000 Dan Wangerin
Rob Lockard 1998-99 Dan Wangerin
Wes Scruggs 1997-98 Ryan Teten
Mike Bays 1996-97 Ryan Teten
Mike Bays 1995-96 Brian Gerhart
Mike Bays 1994-95 Jay Williams
Chase Nichols 1993-94 Jay Williams
Chris Peters 1992-93
Will Sykes 1991-92
Will Sykes 1990-91
Stuart McWhorter 1989-90
Martin Lowry & Stuart McWhorter 1988-89
Martin Lowry 1987-88
Chris Shimakonis 1986-87
David Friedman 1985-86
Jay Watson 1984-85
Randy Faile 1983-84
Randy Faile 1982-83
Ricky Capps 1981-82
Ricky Capps 1980-81
Zack Mills 1979-80
Zack Mills 1978-79
Chris Carter 1977-78
Randy Addison 1976-77
George Langstaff (Football) 1975-76
David Baird (Basketball) 1975-76
Tony Saad 1974-75
Michael Hunt 1973-74
Michael Hunt 1972-73
Randy Jackson 1971-72
Randy Jackson 1970-71
Sam Coker 1969-70
Sam Coker 1968-69
Bob Harris 1967-68
Zeke Welborn 1966-67
Dr. Marvin Reid 1965-66
Jim Gibson 1963-64
Jim Lloyd 1961-62
Steve Morrison 1960-61
Billy McCown 1959-60
Tommy Grant 1957-58
Gabby Hayes 1954-55
Measurement The Tiger Tiger Cub
Neck 16″ 15″
Sleeve 35″ 34″
Height 6’1″ 5’6″
Hips 42″ 42″
Waist 36″ 34″
Inseam 34″ 34″
Head/Hat Size Large 11 7/8
Tail 56″ 48″
Shoe Size NA 28

The fur fabric is 80% acrylic and 20% polyester with a backing that is 75% polyester and 25% cotton. Heads are constructed from Kydex plastic.