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Thanks Mr. B

“I don’t talk to Mr. B. as often as I should or as often as I would like, but I talk ABOUT him more than he can ever imagine. We’ve written each other many letters since the summer of 1986, but I don’t think I’ve ever written to him about how much I, as well as countless others, appreciate him, love him and treasure him. I guess this is that letter. Thanks, Mr. B.” Taken from the last paragraph of an article written by NC State sports information director and former Clemson assistant sports information director Annabelle Vaughan that was published in the NC State Game Program on October 7, 2000. Complete Story

REMEMBERING BOB BRADLEY? On October 28, 2000, Mr. Bradley received the prestigious Order of the Palmetto – for service to the state of South Carolina. The Order of the Palmetto is the highest honorarium a citizen of the state of South Carolina can receive. Complete Story? The Press Box in Clemson Memorial Stadium is named the Bob Bradley Press Box? Bradley worked from 1947 to 1955 as secretary of the Clemson Alumni Association? Bradley served as Executive Secretary of the Atlantic Coast Sports Writers Association (ACSWA.) from 1989 until his death this week.? He worked 502 consecutive games from 1955 through this year, having the streak broken at Clemson’s game with North Carolina on Oct. 21. Bob Bradley’s Top-15 Clemson Games? Bob Bradley is in the CoSIDA Hall of Fame and the Clemson Hall of Fame.? IPTAY has established a Bob Bradley Memorial Scholarship Fund. Complete Story

“He was a person you admired from the day you met him, a person you could tell was respected by everybody that knew him and just gave me a guiding light to follow in my profession.”Tim Bourret, Clemson University sports information director

“Not many people are legends. He was a legend because of his longevity and because of his love for the institution and because he stayed at the institution for so long.”Bobby Robinson, Clemson University director of athletics

“I think back to Coach Howard’s memorial service. Bob gave a eulogy I’ll never forget. He closed it out by sobbing and he said, ‘Coach Howard, I’ll be there to see you one day.'”Jim Phillips, Clemson University play-by-play announcer

“He had contact with every single person that came into that press box. He always took the time to seek out every person.”Annabelle Vaughan, NC State sports information director and former Clemson University assistant sports information director

“I have the ultimate respect for him. I worked with a lot of great SIDs throughout the years and he was No. 1 on the list. He was the consummate professional.”Tom Price, University of South Carolina historian and former sports information director

“I loved him like a brother, and he and I had so many good things between us and with us and for us.”Marvin “Skeeter” Francis, former Wake Forest University sports information director

“My first job out of college was with the Union Daily Times in South Carolina. I’m 21 years old and show up at his door and want to talk to a bunch of Clemson players. Mr. Bradley treated me like I was at The New York Times or Sports Illustrated.” Tony Barnhart, Atlanta Journal-Constitution



“It’s been a good ride, as far as I’ve been concerned. I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met and the players I know. It’s been one of those jobs where maybe 15 people wouldn’t want it, but I did.”Bob Bradley