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T&F Tallies 13 First-Place Finishes at UNF Invite Friday

T&F Tallies 13 First-Place Finishes at UNF Invite Friday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Clemson track & field team totaled 13 first-place finishes Friday at UNF’s Spring Break Invite at the Osprey’s Hodges Stadium.

The Tigers swept all four relays in the 4x100m and 4x400m relays. On the women’s side, Sidney Marshall, Rebekah Smith, Torie Robinson and Ebony Williams guided the Clemson A team with a time of 44.96. In the 4x400m relay, Lakeisha Warner, Kendra Clarke, Kamryn McIntosh and Fellan Ferguson posted a time of 3:36.41 to claim first for the Tigers. In the men’s relays, Jeremiah Green, Cordell Lamb, Ishmael Kamara and Tiondre Toomer crossed the finish line in 40.58 to win the 4x100m. Deonte Tolbert, Mpho Makofane, Nate Gordon and Cordell Lamb won the 4x400m relay with their time of 3:11.07.

Clemson also won both men’s and women’s events in the 400m hurdles and the 2000m steeplechase. Thomas (59.16) and Deron Gordon (51.32) placed first in the women’s and men’s 400m hurdles, respectively. Additionally, Logan Morris (6:49.12) and James Quattlebaum (5:42.62) took the 2000m steeplechase, while Cordell Lamb (400m, 46.53) Dana Maydew (800m, 2:11.96) won their respective events.

The Tigers also shined in the field Friday, placing in the top-3 in five of the seven field events Clemson entered. The Tigers tallied three first-place finishes in the field from Morgan Allen in the pole vault, Valerie Johnson in the long jump and Grant Voeks in the discus. Allen captured her first career win with a height of 3.75m. Johnson’s best leap of 5.97m on her second jump of the day earned her first place, while Voeks’ throw of 53.30m earn him his first career win as well.

Up next, Clemson heads to Austin, Texas, for the Texas Relays (March 29-31) and will broadcast on the Longhorn Network. Live results can be accessed via Texas announced the men’s and women’s qualifiers Thursday.

Running Events

Women’s 100m dash
Torie Robinson, 11.64 (-0.1w)
Rebekah Smith, 11.66 (-0.1w)

Men’s 100m dash
Ishmael Kamara, 11.00 (0.8w)

Women’s 200m dash
Kendra Clarke, 24.09 (-0.2w)

Men’s 200m dash
No entries

Women’s 400m dash
Fellan Ferguson, 54.23
Kamryn McIntosh, 54.83

Men’s 400m dash
Cordell Lamb, 46.53
Mpho Makofane, 49.53

Women’s 800m
Dana Maydew, 2:11.96
Imani McGowan, 2:14.43
Jenna Gearing, 2:20.53
Mikie Harris, 2:24.10
Morgan Wittrock, 2:29.81

Men’s 800m
Malik Epps, 1:52.39
Oliver Lloyd, 1:53.05
Nate Gordon, 1:53.22
Daniel Shaughnnesy, 1:53.23
John Ward, 1:56.97
Colt Griffith, 1:57.71
Jacob Slann, 1:58.12
Jeffrey Green, 1:58.28
Andrew Emery, 2:05.53

Men’s 1500m
John Lewis, 3:47.64
Colt Griffith, 3:57.85
Jacob Slann, 3:58.20
John Ward, 4:03.81
Andrew Emery, 4:05.18

Women’s 1500m
Katie Fortner, 4:27.95
Erin McLaughlin, 4:39.94
Elizabeth Dawson, 4:43.83
Mikie Harris, 4:46.30
Morgan Wittrock, 4:51.03
Marketa Marcanikova, 4:57.33

Women’s 5,000m
Elizabeth Dawson ,17:44.50
Erin McLaughlin, 17:50.03
Marketa Marcanikova, 18:00.10

Men’s 5,000m
No entries

Women’s 100mH
Ebony Williams, 13.79 (1.4w)
Sidney Marshall, 14.03 (1.4w)
Markeeta Thomas, 14.08 (1.4w)

Men’s 110mH
Kirk Lewis, 14.07 (1.9w)

Women’s 400mH
Markeeta Thomas, 59.16
Lakeisha Warner, 1:00.27
Ebony Williams, 1:05.82

Men’s 400mH
Deron Gordon, 51.32

Women’s 2000m steeplechase
Logan Morris, 6:49.12

Men’s steeplechase
James Quattlebaum, 5:42.62

Women’s 4x100m relay
Sidney Marshall, Rebekah Smith, Torie Robinson, Ebony Williams, 44.96

Men’s 4x100m relay
Jeremiah Green, Cordell Lamb, Ishmael Kamara, Tiondre Toomer, 40.58

Women’s 4x400m relay
Lakeisha Warner, Kendra Clarke, Kamryn McIntosh, Fellan Ferguson, 3:36.41
Markeeta Thomas, Torie Robinson, Rebekah Smith, Dana Maydew, 3:47.06

Men’s 4x400m relay
Deonte Tolbert, Mpho Makofane, Nate Gordon, Cordell Lamb, 3:11.07
Deron Gordon, Oliver Lloyd, Malik Epps, Daniel Shaughnessy, 3:18.84

Field Events

Women’s Pole Vault
Morgan Allen, 3.75m

Women’s Long Jump
Valerie Johnson, 5.97m (2.5w
Harleigh White, 5.48m (1.5w)

Men’s Long Jump
Chris McBride, 7.41m (1.0w)
Ishmael Kamara, 7.07m (0.6w)
DJ Ledell, 7.03m (2.6w)
Anthony Butler, 6.84m (0.8w)

Men’s Shot Put
Grant Voeks, 16.06m

Men’s Discus
Grant Voeks, 53.30m

Women’s Hammer
Danielle Borriello, 49.32m

Men’s Javelin
Dylan Ahrens, 53.89m

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