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T.I.G.E.R! Read

T.I.G.E.R! Read

T.I.G.E.R! Read is a book club designed to encourage reading and articulate the character traits that are the basics of Clemson Athletic Department’s Be a T.I.G.E.R! Character Education program. The program is an additional component to the character focus and is targeted for the third-fifth grade student.

Objectives:1. Encourage elementary students to read2. Promote development of good character as outlined in Be a T.I.G.E.R! 3. Nurture the development of civic responsibility4. Provide an additional component to enhance program5. Practice traits associated with good character

Clemson Athletics is partnering with students in the English Department’s Literature classes to select and review appropriate book selections. Student-athletes will run the program.  This year, the program is being coordinated by Sarah Egan (rowing). Sarah can be reached by e-mail at  

Books are selected to reflect each of the five character traits: Teamwork, Integrity, Gratitude, Education and Respect. Books may be read in any order. Students will be asked to have an adult representative verify that they have read the book and will select an activity to practice the trait they have read about. These activities will be held in reserve by a designated elementary school partner until completion of the program. The student’s work may be published in the Be a T.I.G.E.R! Newspaper or on the Community Relations web page on

Here is how it works:Elementary students who wish to participate will be able to go to Clemson University YouTube and select the BeATIGERProgram channel or watch a DVD provided by athletics and view a video featuring a student-athlete giving a preview/snapshot of the book along with reasons the book reflects the particular character trait.

Visit the Be a T.I.G.E.R! YouTube Channel

Upon completion of the book, a student-athlete will present an action item to practice what they have learned. The participant will submit the action item to a designated elementary school representative who will keep submissions.

Each book will have the same format. Student-athletes present overview of book, questions to guide their understanding and then action items.

Books need not be read in any certain order, but one book and activity must be completed before a new book is started.

– Clemson Athletics will provide student-athlete reviews for each book. – Clemson’s Solid Orange Squad will administer the program. – Children’s Literature classes will select the books, students will write a script/synopsis of each and assist in developing action items for each. – Clemson Athletics will host an awards ceremony/party for students who complete the program.

If all books are read, and action items completed for each trait, the student will be invited to an awards ceremony at Clemson. Tentative plans would include a party at a selected winter basketball and/or spring baseball game, recognition in pregame ceremonies, name posted on PAWVision, and a tribute in the Be a T.I.G.E.R! Newspaper.