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Apr 02, 2021

Tigers Win 2V8+ Race on First Day of Sunshine State Invitational

SARASOTA, Fla. — Clemson fared well on the opening day of the Sunshine State Invitational, winning the 2V8+ race and crossing the finish line as the runner-up in the other four races on Friday. On a warm, sunny, fairly windy late afternoon at Nathan Benderson Park, the Tigers competed against UCF, Jacksonville, Kansas, K-State, Miami and Stetson on the first of two days of racing.

Winning the 2V8+ event with a time of 7:25.90, Clemson finished over five seconds ahead of the second-place Jayhawks. The first-place 2V8+ boat, which was coxed by Katie Herbolsheimer, highlighted an overall solid evening of rowing for Clemson. The Tigers claimed second in the 1V8+, 1V4+, 2V4+ and 3V8+ races, with Central Florida earning victories in those events.

The seven-team regatta will pick back up tomorrow morning. The Tigers will once again compete in the five aforementioned races. Racing will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 3, and will conclude with the final race at 9 a.m. Live results can be found here.

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1. Central Florida 7:06.69
2. Clemson 7:11.23
3. Kansas State 7:15.20
4. Kansas 7:16.37
5. Jacksonville 7:23.65
6. Miami 7:24.63
7. Stetson 7:30.41

1. Clemson 7:25.90
2. Kansas 7:31.07
3. Miami 7:32.45
4. Central Florida 7:35.96
5. Kansas State 7:38.62
6. Jacksonville 7:41.25
7. Stetson 8:10.64

1. Central Florida 8:08.09
2. Clemson 8:11.60
3. Kansas State 8:13.03
4. Kansas 8:35.51
5. Miami 8:39.07
6. Jacksonville 8:53.53
7. Stetson-A 8:58.56

1. Central Florida 8:44.97
2. Clemson 8:53.56
3. Miami 9:04.58
4. Kansas 9:15.84
5. Kansas State 9:20.23
6. Stetson 10:41.32

1. Central Florida 7:30.97
2. Clemson 7:40.24
3. Miami 7:56.89
4. Jacksonville 8:05.47

Clemson Lineups:

Kate Hadley (Cox), Rachel Twitty (Stroke), Anna Luttrell, Lori Belanger, Cate Schrieber, Kaley Wojciechowski, Isabel Velazquez, Claudia Scherbin, Maura Chozick

Katie Herbolsheimer (Cox), Bridget Kane (Stroke), Jaysen Hall, Meghan McLean, Elise Sum, Auburn Dantice, Ikelle Iturbe, Emily Ash, Alex Thull

Christina Minyo (Cox), Isabella Dudley (Stroke), Emma Randolph, Ellie Loehrer, Amelia Anglin, Alex Dow, Amelia Rinehart, Summer Ratley, Emerey Sampson

Hannah Hayes (Stroke), Abby Dutton, Avery Howard, Caroline Emerson, Julia Suplick (Cox)

Charlotte Taylor (Stroke), Jasmine Lewis, Cate Smith, Pepper Kolman, Sarah Adams (Cox)