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“Sudds Talk” Feb. 13

“Sudds Talk” Feb. 13

Recently, Clemson Rowing has talked a lot about the team and leadership. Rowing has natural leaders, the coxswains. Stereotypically they are known as the “little people that yell in the boat,” but coxswains have huge responsibilities. The coxswain is seen as the coach on the water and an extension of the coaching staff. Naturally, rowers look to their coxswains for leadership because they have the race plan and tell us how to execute it on the course. It is kind of ironic that the smallest person in the boat has the most authority, but rowers will follow their coxswain anywhere.

This past week, several Marine Corps Officers came to speak to the team. While speaking, they touched on a very important aspect of rowing; the team is only as good as its weakest link. In a Marine Corps Unit, the Marines must be able and prepared for combat. In a rowing boat, the boat will only go as fast as the slowest person. This shows the importance of the team. The Marine Corps seem to share a lot of values that a rowing team has as they both consist of dedicated and hardworking people. We were privileged to have these officers come in and speak to us and we all learned of a great possible opportunity to pursue after college.