Student-Athlete Spotlight: Chad Holt

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Chad Holt

Sept. 19, 2007

Through two meets this season, the men’s cross country team at Clemson has produced two team titles and two individual winners. Both first-place finishes have come by freshmen, first Tyler Morey at the Western Carolina Invitational on August 31 and most recently Chad Holt at the Catamount Classic on September 15. Holt had a time of 15:28 and won the 5K race last Saturday in Cullowhee, NC. He has run well in both meets so far this season. recently caught up with the first-year Microbiology major from nearby Mauldin High School and got to know him a little better.

How did you get interested in running track and/or cross country? I got interested in running from my dad, he got in to running a little after college and I would sometimes go run with him. But I didn’t get serious until the start of my 8th grade year when I realized I was much better at running then soccer, although I enjoyed soccer much more at the time.

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a student-athlete? My greatest accomplishment as a student athlete was breaking my school record for the 1600m in 4:20.25, after having raced three days straight and five races.

What did it mean to you to win a cross country race so early in your collegiate career? I was really happy that I could bring something to Clemson and could contribute to the team. Winning this soon was unexpected and I know that as we get into the real tough part of the season, like Notre Dame, I won’t have that chance anymore so it was a nice treat.

Being a local guy, was there a natural attraction to Clemson University? I really never was a big fan of Clemson, but I was a Tiger fan over USC. I read a journal entry I wrote for school in the 5th grade this past spring that said when I grow up I want to go to Clemson and run track and XC for them, which was strange because I hadn’t even started running until the summer before my 7th grade year.

What are your goals for this season? I came in just wanting to make the team, and after our initial time trial I asked Coach Pollock how many people he would take to Notre Dame, he said around eight, so I set my goal to be one of the guys to go on that trip. Now I just want to help the team in any way I can, I want to be a contributing factor to help get us to the NCAA Championships.

Which events do you expect to compete in during track season? I’m not sure what I would like to compete in, I think the 3K indoors would be ok, I also wouldn’t mind the 5K. I really don’t care what I get to run, I’ll be happy just being able to compete.

Who has been the most influential person in your life (role model)? The most influential person in my life is my dad; he was the reason I started running and has been very encouraging throughout my athletic and academic career.

What are you enjoying the most about college life so far? I think the freedom is nice but with the amount that we’re running and the amount of school work, I really enjoy it when I get a good night’s sleep.

What hobbies do you enjoy when you can get away from schoolwork and running? I enjoy getting outdoors, hiking, skiing, wake boarding, throwing the Frisbee, and watching movies.