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Student-Athlete Honors & Awards

Clemson Student-Athlete Honors & Awards

Frank Howard Award

Each year, the Clemson Athletic Department presents the Frank Howard Award to the student-athlete who has brought honor to Clemson University through his or her achievement on the athletic field. The award was first presented to Charlie Waters in the spring of 1970. Waters had been a leader of the Clemson football team under Frank Howard. He went on to a stellar football career with the Dallas Cowboys.

The award is voted on by Clemson coaches and administrators at the conclusion of the academic year and is presented at a football game the following season.

Year Name Sport
1970 Charlie Waters Football
1971 Jim Sursavage Football
1972 John McMakin Football
1973 Ben Anderson Football
1974 Henry Abadi Men’s Soccer
1975 Bennie Cunningham Football
1976 Denny Walling Baseball
1977 Tree Rollins Men’s Basketball
1978 Steve Fuller Football
1979 Steve Fuller Football
1979 Jerry Butler Football
1980 Noel Loban Wrestling
1981 Obed Ariri Football
1982 National Championship Football Team
1983 Terry Kinard Football
1984 Mike Eppley Football & Men’s Basketball
1985 Vincent Hamilton Men’s Basketball
1986 Tina Krebs Women’s Track & Cross Country
1987 Horace Grant Men’s Basketball
1988 Pam Hayden Women’s Swimming & Diving
1989 Mitzi Kremer Women’s Swimming & Diving
1989 Kevin Johnson Golf
1990 Chris Patton Golf
1991 Lisa Dillard Women’s Track & Field
1992 Michael Green Men’s Track & Field
1993 Kim Graham Women’s Track & Field
1994 Sam Henson Wrestling
1995 Shane Monahan Baseball
1996 Kris Benson Baseball
1997 Mitch Sprengelmeyer Men’s Tennis
1998 Shawn Crawford Men’s Track & Field
1999 Wojtek Krakowiak Men’s Soccer
2000 Shawn Crawford Men’s Track & Field
2001 Cydonie Mothersill Women’s Track & Field
2002 Jamine Moton Women’s Track & Field
2003 National Championship Golf Team
2004 Julie Coin Women’s Tennis
2005 Gisele Oliveira Women’s Track & Field
2006 Kim Routh Women’s Swimming & Diving
2007 Kyle Stanley Golf
2007 Travis Padgett Men’s Track & Field
2008 Travis Padgett Men’s Track & Field
2009 Jacoby Ford Men’s Track & Field


IPTAY Athlete-of-the-Year

The IPTAY Athlete-of-the-Year is presented each year to Clemson’s most outstanding athlete based on athletic accomplishments with consideration given to character, leadership and academics. It is given in the name of Gene Willimon, former Executive Secretary of IPTAY. The first recipient was Steve Fuller, Clemson quarterback in 1978. Fuller was a third-team All-American on the field and first-team Academic All-American that year, leading the Clemson football team to a number-six national finish in both football polls. Recent winners include current PGA Tour players Charles Warren, Jonathan Byrd and D.J. Trahan.

Year Name Sport
1978-79 Steve Fuller Football
1979-80 Noel Loban Wrestling
1980-81 Hans Koeleman Men’s Track & Field
1981-82 Barbara Kennedy Women’s Basketball
1982-83 Terry Kinard Football
1983-84 Mike Eppley Football and Men’s Basketball
1984-85 Vincent Hamilton Men’s Basketball
1985-86 Chuck Baldwin Baseball
1986-87 Horance Grant Men’s Basketball
1987-88 Mitzi Kremer Women’s Swimming & Diving
1988-89 Brian Barnes Baseball
1989-90 Lisa Dillard Women’s Track & Field
1990-91 Dale Davis Men’s Basketball
1991-92 James Trapp Men’s Track & Field
1992-93 Michael Green Men’s Track & Field
1993-94 Sam Henson Wrestling
1994-95 Duane Ross Men’s Track & Field
1995-96 Kris Benson Baseball
1996-97 Charles Warren Golf
1997-98 Anthony Simmons Football
1998-99 Jonathan Byrd Golf
1999-00 Jonathan Byrd Golf
2000-01 Rod Gardner Football
2001-02 Khalil Greene Baseball
2001-02 D.J. Trahan Golf
2002-03 D.J. Trahan Golf
2003-04 Gisele Oliveira Women’s Track & Field
2004-05 Julie Coin Women’s Tennis
2005-06 Tyler Colvin Baseball
2005-06 Tye Hill Football
2006-07 Gaines Adams Football
2007-08 Cliff Hammonds Men’s Basketball
2008-09 Varsity 4+: Kelly Murphy, Lydia Hassell, Callen Erdeky, Allison Colberg, Meredith Razzolini Rowing


Brandon Streeter Award

Given to a Clemson student-athlete who overcomes injury to exceed on the field.

Year Name Sport
1999-00 Brandon Streeter Football
2000-01 Erin Batth Women’s Basketball
2001-02 Ross Goodacre Men’s Soccer
2002-03 Kevin Youngblood Football
2003-04 Alix Lacelarie Women’s Tennis
2004-05 Nathan Thompson Men’s Tennis
2005-06 Charlie Roberts Men’s Soccer
2006-07 Ben Martin Golf
2007-08 Jacoby Ford Football
2008-09 Matt Vaughn Baseball