Stanley’s Stance No. 5

May 18, 2000

Journal Entry No. 5 May 18, 2000 – Charlotte, N.C.

Hey Tiger fans, including our adopted fans in San Diego and Seattle! Let’s talk Tiger baseball. Wednesday morning began very similar to Tuesday morning. I finally got out of the bed at around noon. Spades were on the agenda once again. My partner and I won as usual. I have been playing spades so much lately, that I do not even remember who I played with, or against. I was on a roll yesterday, winning every game I played.

How about the game! A great effort from Scott Berney was exactly what the Tigers needed. Berney did his job and Kevin Lynn closed out the game, pitching the last inning and two-thirds. The Tigers were led at the plate by Casey Stone, who collected two doubles and a single. His first double was unbelievable, as Casey practically hit the pitch off his shoestrings. Patrick Boyd added a single and a double. Khalil Greene added a single and a triple, to complete a six-hit attack by the first three hitters in the lineup. Post-game activities included more spades playing.

On Thursday I finally got out of the bed at around noon again. Singy (Justin Singleton) was leaving the room when I got up, so I decided to hang out in the room and enjoy the early part of the day. Twenty minutes later, Bradley LeCroy called wanting to play spades. We recruited Lynn and Ryan Childs to be our opponents. Bradley and I soundly beat Childs and Lynn, and sent them to their room pouting. Our luck ran out in the next game, as Ryan Mottl and Ryan Hub absolutely worked Bradley and I. They beat us in a best two out of three series, with each game to 300.

Their victory would prove to be very beneficial. Bradley and I walked to McDonalds after the card game. Crossing Tyvola Road was a big adventure, as numerous cars honked at Bradley and I on our way back to the hotel. Like I said, Mottl’s success in spades would prove to be a sign of good things to come as he pitched a near flawless game against Florida State. ‘Motts’ pitched a complete game, giving up four runs on six hits. Casey, Ryan Riley, Bradley, and Mike Calitri added two more hits. Khalil hit a clutch solo home run in the bottom of the sixth to give us a 5-4 led. Calitri and Brian Ellis also hit big home runs.

The win sets the stage for a matchup between Georgia Tech and us. The Yellow Jackets won two of the three games in the regular season. Both teams stand undefeated in the tournament. Tomorrow will definitely be a battle. Once again, we ask for the great support Tiger fans have shown thus far in the tournament. Ya’ll are definitely the best fans in the ACC! Talk to you soon and go Tigers!