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Stanley’s Stance No. 2

May 12, 2000

Journal Entry No. 2May 12, 2000 – Charlottesville, Va.

Well Tiger fans, yesterday turned out to be a very tough day at the plate for our bats. The Tigers were only able to bang out four hits in a 6-4 loss to Liberty. Though the Liberty pitcher handed us 10 walks, he did a tremendous job of getting himself out of numerous jams.

We scored our four runs in one inning, and were silent for the greater part of the rest of the game. Ryan Childs threw well, but really received little help from the offense. Our job is to bounce back this weekend and play better baseball against Virginia.

We are still nursing some injuries, and a few people are coming down with colds, but it will take a full team effort this weekend to beat a good Virginia team. This weekend means a great deal to us, because we have a chance to win the regular season title, which we have not done since 1995. It will take three wins over Virginia this weekend, and two losses by Georgia Tech against Wake Forest.

We will have a short practice at 1:00 today and be ready to play the rest of the weekend. Tune in next time to see the results of our doubleheader tomorrow.