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Lynn Sparks


Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger

Clemson Athletics wants to congratulate Lynn Sparks on an impactful career at Clemson as she embarks on the next chapter with Ron, her husband of 43 years. Traveling, taking care of mom, yardwork, and yoga will fill up most of the calendar going forward.

The native of Greenwood, SC, came to Clemson as a Freshman Psychology/Sociology major in 1974. She later transferred and graduated from Winthrop after Ron’s job took them to the Charlotte area. From there, she worked at multiple points in time in the North Carolina school system, mixing in a role at the Fantasia Import Company that took her around the world.

She was working at East Lincoln High School when Ron was transferred to the local Duke Power plant. Fortunately (for all of us who have had the pleasure of working with Lynn), Larry Vanderheyden was recruiting East Lincoln at the time. The former Clemson offensive line coach recommended Lynn for an opening in the football program, and Lynn began her career at Clemson in 1992 working for Head Coach Ken Hatfield. She would go on to work with two other head coaches (Tommy West and Tommy Bowden) before moving into a role with the department’s marketing division. She has rounded her career out by working in the Athletic Director’s office.

Lynn notes she will always treasure seeing the Tigers win 3 football national championships in person, but will miss the day-to-day interaction with the people at Clemson most. As she leaves her current role at Clemson, she wants to remind us all to “Remember Clemson is a special place and has given you a tremendous opportunity to work here.” To that, we want to point out that the tremendous opportunity to work with folks like Lynn is what makes Clemson so special!

Lynn, Thank you for your many contributions and lasting impact on Clemson Athletics: the place, its programs, and its people!