Spring Meeting Superlatives Announced

Spring Meeting Superlatives Announced

May 29, 2001

Top Five Spring Meetings of 2001

1. Newberry – One of the biggest upsets in Spring Meeting history. 2. Lexington – Last year’s champ had another great meeting. 3. Aiken – Biggest crowd as always. 4. Greenville – Leighton Cubbage had the whole crowd ready to suit up and run down the hill. 5. Florence – Just an all around good meeting.

Best Meal – Newberry

They had country steak and gravy, fried chicken, and all the helpings to go along. A true southern home cooked meal. We were really just glad it wasn’t BBQ.

Best Caterer – Parklane Seafood

We could not leave our good friend David Pressley out of the awards. Parklane does around five of the meetings. We always know we are getting something good when Parklane is involved.

Best Crowd – Newberry

We were shocked when we pulled into Newberry and saw that they had over 300 people packed into the Shrine Club. This was not the biggest crowd, but they sure were the most enthusiastic group we ran into.

Largest Crowd – Aiken

Every year the people come out in droves to the Aiken Fairgrounds. They have been known to put over 800 in there.

Best Facility – Greenville

We had to give Greenville the best facility because it cost them so much they had to serve hot dogs.

Most Improved – Lancaster

Their attendance rose from below 300 to people to over 500. The fire marshal would have shut us down.

The Brandon Streeter Award – (Awarded to the meeting which overcame the most adversity)- Raleigh

There was a band of thunderstorms that stretched up the whole eastern seaboard, which prevented the plane from taking off that carried all the coaches. The people in Raleigh found out that no coaches would be there as everyone was sitting down to eat. With a little improvising we were able to get the coaches over the phone and broadcast it to the crowd. What a way to end two months of spring meetings.

Best Out of State Meeting – Greensboro

Hands down the best!

Most Consistent – Lexington

Each year they are one of the top two or three meetings.