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Spreading Holiday Cheer

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Story by Philip Sikes, Photos by Brian Hennessy // Athletic Communications

CLEMSON — Tiffany Kennedy isn’t exactly sure when it started, but she’s been an employee of SHARE Head Start in Anderson for about 10 years.

“I think it started before I got here,” she said. “Whatever we can get is very helpful.”

In this case, the “it” is Clemson coaches and staff who have donated Christmas presents purchased from their own pockets to help provide for a memorable holiday experience at the Willis H. Crosby Center that focuses on early childhood education for about 215 underprivileged children.

Kennedy and fellow employee Ayokka Hunt came to Clemson last week to pick up the donations, and returned them to the center where they will be opened Christmas day.

“Because we know some parents cannot provide for Christmas, we keep the gifts wrapped until the 25th,” Hunt said.

Administrative assistant Shelly Geer, who first experienced Clemson’s involvement while working alongside senior women’s administrator Barbara Kennedy-Dixon, said the department response was overwhelming this winter.

“Most of what we get is clothing, and we get specific sizes from SHARE Head Start and do the shopping,” Geer said, “and that’s what the staff has loved. They know exactly what they want to look for, and they go at it.”