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SOS January 2013 Wrap Up

SOS January 2013 Wrap Up

Last weekend, members of the Clemson men’s soccer team volunteered their time to help at a youth soccer camp held in Clemson.  The team members spent Saturday and Sunday helping at various training sessions, refereeing games, and even jumped in and played a few games with the campers.

Over 80 kids attended the soccer camp and were able to experience playing on Historic Riggs Field.  The soccer team had a great time helping with the camp and being able to share their love of soccer with the campers.

Clemson men’s soccer player Paul Clowes said,” All seemed to enjoy the experience and hopefully want to come to Clemson…maybe a future soccer player out of one of them!”

A second service opportunity last week was Central’s “Cougar Character Breakfast.”  The “Cougar Character Breakfast” is a celebration for students who were caught showing character within the past month.  Brittney Waller, from the women’s track and field team, was asked to speak to the students and commend them for showing character during December.  This character breakfast was especially exciting because it had the largest number of students ever to be recognized for showing character.

Brittney congratulated the students for their acts of character and had the opportunity to talk to them about some of the Be a T.I.G.E.R! traits.  Brittney and the students were all smiles as the celebration finished with breakfast and pictures.