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Shyatt Will Remain Clemson Coach

Shyatt Will Remain Clemson Coach

March 6, 2001

Clemson, SC – Clemson Athletic Director Bobby Robinson has announced that Larry Shyatt will remain as Clemson coach next year. Shyatt’s contract runs through the 2002-03 season.

Here are the comments from Robinson.

“I evaluate a program in five areas. Those areas are academics, discipline, public relations, recruiting and won-loss record. As we look at our men’s basketball program we are doing well in four of the five. We need improvement in the won-loss area.

“With the young players we will have returning next year combined with the new players we have recruited, we feel we are going to make progress in that area.

“This was not a tough decision. I never considered making a change during this season. Coach Shyatt and I will sit down after the season to discuss all aspects of the program. It will be a give-and-take meeting. I want to hear from him how we can work together to make the program better.

“Coach Shyatt is a great fit for Clemson. He wants to be the coach at Clemson. He and his family have made a commitment to this community. He does everything we ask of him. He is a tremendous ambassador for Clemson University.”