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Jun 30, 2020

Senior Spotlight: Hannah Niedojadlo

Hannah’s Rowing Journey

Hannah walked on to the Clemson rowing team last season as a junior transfer from Flagler College. During her only season of competition, Hannah rowed in the 3V8 and 2V4.

Off the water, Hannah is the Clemson Chapter President of the the Student Athlete Allies. In high school, Hannah played softball, basketball and soccer and also competed in swimming.

From Hannah:

I am forever thankful to Clemson Rowing and the amazing friends and memories I made during my short time. Being a student athlete at Clemson was truly an incredible experience. I learned how to work hard, hit a wall, push through it and come out stronger. Rowing is nothing like I have ever done. It is definitely the most difficult thing I have ever done, however, it has provided me with the greatest sense of accomplishment I have ever experienced. I am taking with me a work ethic I never knew I had and experiences that I will remember forever. Thank you Clemson Rowing.

Thank you, Hannah, for your contributions to Clemson rowing for the past two years!